Working Man’s Two-Day July 31 and Aug 1 Preliminary Schedule

7:00 PM C/D warm up
Women/B warm up
7:10 A warm up
C/D 10 Lap Scratch
Women/B 20 Lap Scratch
Cat A 30 Lap Scratch
C/D 10 lap Point-A-Lap
Women/B 20 Lap International Tempo
C/D 20 Lap Points Race
Feature:Cat A/B/W 1 mile Scratch race record attempt (1:52.00)
8:50 Finish
7:00 PM C/D warm up
Women/B warm up
7:10 A warm up
7:20 C/D win-n-Out
Women/B Elimination
Cat A Elimination
7:55 C/D Snowball
Women/B 50 Points Race (sprint every 10)
8:30 C/D Unkown
Feature Cat A/B/W: 5 Mile Record Attemp (10:05.12)
9:15 Finish
Scoring accumilates over the two days.
International Tempo: 5 laps before points begin. 1 point per lap. +20/-20 for laps taken or lost
Women scored seperate from B’s

Womens, Masters, Beginners proposed schedule tonight July 17th

We will see how many turn out so there may be some adjustments.

7:00 PM 20 Lap Paceline
Beginner paceline from bottom of track
Master+ Women paceline from top of track
7:20 Master B 5-Lap Scratch
7:25 Master A 5-Lap scratch
7:30 Women 5 Lap Scratch
7:35 Beginners 5 Lap Scratch
7:40 Master B 8 lap Win and Out
7:48 Master A 8 Win and Out
7:55 Women 8 lap Win and Out
8:03 Beginners 8 lap Win and Out
8:10 Master B 15 lap Snowball
8:20 Master A 15 lap Snowball
8:30 Women 15 Lap Snowball
8:40 Beginner 15 Lap Snowball
8:50 Master A, B, Women, Invited Beginners 40 lap points race sprint every 10


Come out tonight for some sweaty laps.  You will need to be certified and bikes will be available for anyone who doesn’t have a track bike. For more information, please email Kim Fuller at [email protected].


If you will be borrowing a bike, please show up at 7.

July 3rd: Tuesday Night Racing will be All Categories! Plus DLV Cookout

With no racing Wednesday July 4th we have moved all categories to Tuesday July 3rd. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so we will keep our normal Women/Master/Beginners events and add a Cat B/C and Cat A/B. Towards the end of racing (Grill Master Pete) will be grilling Hamburgers and Hot Dogs plus chips and drinks. Please bring something to share: Cookies and Brownies are great! Please bring family and friends we will try to have an announcer to explain the racing and a few raffle items.