What is a Velodrome?

A velodrome is one of the most unique cycling structures in the world. A velodrome is an enclosed track with steep banked turns, the velodrome provides an excellent forum for cyclists. While the Dick Lane Velodrome is an outdoor concrete track, velodromes are just as likely to be indoors with a pine track.

Velodrome racing has been a part of the US cycling history since the early 1900s when racers would zip around Madison Square Garden, which was built for track racing. In fact, one of the most famous track races, The Madison, is named for the historic venue.

In order to race on a velodrome, a special track bike is needed. Track cycling requires special bicycles that are different to road and mountain bicycles in many ways. The biggest difference is the lack of gears. Riders are locked into one gear that is “fixed”, meaning that the rider cannot coast. The bicycles have no brakes – the only way to stop is for the rider to slow down their pedaling.

The DLV is a 1/5 mile track with a max of 36 degrees on the banked turns. Located Sumner Park, the DLV is a great addition to the beautiful and historic city of East Point. The City of East Point owns the DLV and partners with the EPVA to manage and maintain the track as and continue its use as one of the premier facilities of its kind.