Q: I got [sick, hurt, let go, or relocated]. Can I get a (partial) refund on my pass?
Unfortunately, no. Season passes are not refundable for any reason. If you think you may get sick, hurt, let go, or relocated, we suggest paying as you go.

Q: How do I pay my $5 daily training pass?
You can pay online here: dicklanevelodrome.com/shop or you can send a check to our mailing address here: http://www.dicklanevelodrome.com/contact


Q: I’m a Cat “X” on the road, do I really have to start as a category D?
Yes. All new track riders start from the bottom and will follow our upgrade procedures here: dicklanevelodrome.com/racing-categories. The process will be quicker than you think and you’ll only have to go through it one time, so we prefer to see folks make the commitment to upgrading through the proper procedures. As with all upgrade questions, talk to velodrome staff.

Q: I’m faster than other people, why haven’t I been upgraded?
Upgrading is just as much about skill as it is about speed. If your skill level is questionable it may take a little longer to upgrade while you gain the additional skills needed to make the jump to the next category. As with all upgrade questions, talk to velodrome staff.

Q: I like winning, why do I have to upgrade?
If you’ve met the upgrade requirements here dicklanevelodrome.com/racing-categories we will ask you to upgrade to help keep the racing fair for all riders that race with us. We will also occasionally ask riders to upgrade even if they haven’t fully met the upgrade requirements for a particular category, but we feel they are more than equipped to handle the racing at the next level.

Q: I’ve raced on [any other track], do I have to take the certification class?
In short, no, as long as you had completed a similar class at the other velodrome, or have a good level of experience racing on velodromes.

Q: What if it rains/threatens to rain?
Over the years we’ve gotten to learn how the weather can effect us at the velodrome, and typically we’ll make our best educated guess as to the plan for an evenings activities. If it is obviously not going to happen, we will make the call and post to the website immediately. In other cases we’ll wait to try to have events go ahead as planned. In either case we will always post cancellations to the website as soon as we make those decisions, so that will be the most up to date place to get information.

Q: When can I come ride on the track?
Check the schedule here: dicklanevelodrome.com/schedule for planned training sessions.

Q: Do I really have to pay to come ride it?
Yes. The velodrome is run on a shoestring budget and all training and race fees go directly back into keeping the velodrome gates open. So if you want to continue to have a velodrome to ride at, please pay your fees! And you could even volunteer a day or two to help out!

Q: If I’m training at night, can I turn on the lights?
No, absolutely not. Lights are only to be used during organized programs, and only by authorized volunteers or velodrome staff.

Q: Can I rent a bike to train?
Check the schedule here: dicklanevelodrome.com/schedule for planned training sessions.