Workday Success! Sat March 30th!!!!!!!!

A huge cleanup day at the Dick Lane Velodrome this past Saturday! We got a ton a debris moved from the back of concessions. The posts for the rules of the velodrome were set. Concessions and both bathrooms were totally cleaned out and organized. Ground Control was sprayed on the grass and weed near the boards. Turn four and the warmup track was pressure washed. Thank you to our amazing crew of volunteers! please take a moment to thank these riders for their support of the facility!


Andy Baille: early bird gets the worm!

Brian Sullivan: The Historian

Chuck Bogle

Ryan Collins: Ready to complete the mission

Marc D. Johnson

Eddie Grant

Jonathan Agee: Thank god I did not need my coveralls!

Dylan Lawson

Niko Giannakakos: IRONMAN Pressure Washer!!!!!

Kimerie Swift

Griet Deweidt

Daniel Breuer: I can’t believe Barman spelled my name right!

Morgan Stern

Thank you to the whole DLV team that keeps the place looking as good as possible!