Tuesday Night Racing

presented by #38

Tuesday night racing repeats every four weeks.

First Tuesday – Women’s, Master’s & Beginner’s Massed Start Racing

Massed start racing for Masters Women and Men age (35+) A/B/C,  Women A/B/C, and  Beginner Women and Men (D) categories. New for 2018 is the day change for Women Category A/B/C from Wednesday Nights to Tuesday Nights. Here is what each night will look like subject to change:

7:00 PM
Organzied 20 Lap Warm-Up
Beginners at the bottom of the track
Masters at the Blue line down to apron after beginners finish
Women start after beginers exit
7:25 PM
Master B 5-Lap Scratch
Master A 5-Lap scratch
Women 5 Lap Scratch
Beginners 5 Lap Scratch
Master B 6 win-n-out
7:52 PM
Master A Miss-N-Out
Womens 6 lap win-n-out
Beginners 6 lap win-n-out
Master B 10 lap Point-a-Lap
Master A 10 lap Reverse Snowball
Women 10 Lap Point-a-Lap
Beginner 15 Lap points Race sprint every 5 laps
Master A,B, Women, Invited Beginners 40 lap points race sprint every 10
9:00 finished
Second Tuesday – Pursuit Night

It’ll be you against the clock to see how good you really are! Pursuit Night is open for all categories of riders (including D/Beginner riders). Race distances will vary, and will include 1.5Lap TT, 3Lap TT, 6Lap IP, 9Lap IP, and 12Lap IP along with a team event. Three races possible per Tuesday. Each racer can do one TT, one IP, and team event per night. Race age and category decide distance. Racers within two years of an age group can choose a distance. Take your shot at our track records!

Third Tuesday – Women’s, Master’s & Beginner’s Massed Start Racing

Similar to the first Tuesday of the month

Fourth Tuesday – Sprint Night

Open to all categories! On this night we’ll do a 200m time trial to seed everybody before moving into some group sprints amongst riders of a similar speed. Top 18 will “qualify” for 2 or 3-up sprints while the rest will race in larger groups of up to 5 or 6 people.


1: Selected last Tuesday’s of the month are used to hold our Working Man’s Two Day.

2: The Track Records page under Results has DLV Lap Records. The Dick Lane Velodrome was build as a 5 laps to a mile track and predates UCI velodrome meter distances; therefore, it’s 323.4 meter measurement makes it unique. Unfortunately, this creates odd starting places for metric distance events. It is very difficult to officiate a timed race where the starting location is different then the finish location. Also, racers not starting in the middle of a straight away is awkward and not like other velodromes. The most logical answer is to use laps instead of meters. With the current belief that the DLV is 6% slower then the velodromes in Colorado Springs and Los Angeles it is very easy to estimate your metric distance time by the DLV lap time. Each year the velodrome offers a record day where racers can attempt a metric distance or hour record.