Keep track of how you are doing weekly, monthly, or even yearly. Every race is important and we try to get results up quickly.
*Only Wednesday night races and the Working Man’s Madison count for team points.

Results Track Records


Year Men Women
2023 Dylan Lawson Graci Eckles
2022 Ryan Collins Annalise Oestreich
2021 Rider of the Year not named due to limited season
2020 Velodrome closed due to COVID-19
2019 Erin Young Annalise Oestreich
2018 Kevin O’Donnell Annalise Oestreich
2017 Kevin O’Donnell Annalise Oestreich
2016 Kevin O’Donnell Cheryl Fuller Muller
2015 Kevin O’Donnell Cheryl Fuller Muller
2014 Mikey Waine Salma Huque
2013 Mikey Waine Christina Panella
2012 Valentin Todorow Evelyn Ewing
2011 Brian Tester Evelyn Ewing
2010 Daniel Holt Evelyn Ewing
2009 Joe Eldridge Autumn Wentworth
2008 Steve Hill Leigh Valletti
2007 Tony Scott Linda Foti
2006 Tim Barrett Linda Foti
2005 Cat A Tony Scott Iona Wynter
2005 Cat B Brian Tester Lisa Safstrom
2004 Velodrome Closed for repair
2003 Tony Scott Iona Wynter
2002 Steve Hogan Shannon Hutchinson
2001 Tony Scott Michele McCulloch
2000 Chad Rodekhor Michele McCulloch
1999 Wayne Whitesides
1998 Chad Rodekhor
1997 Adam Payne
Team of the Year
Year Team
2020 Velodrome closed due to COVID-19
2019 Mission Devo Cycling
2018 East Point Track Club
2017 East Point Track Club
2016 East Point Track Club
2015 East Point Track Club
2014 East Point Track Club
2013 East Point Track Club
2012 Peachtree Bikes
2011 East Point Track Club
2010 Faster Mustache
Other Awards of the Year
Year Award Name
2019 Rookie of the Year Pierre Ruhe
Volunteer of the Year Casy Upperman
Most Improved Amelia Hicks
DLV Top Fan Pete Wicker
Sponsor of the Year Ethic Inc.
2018 Rookie of the Year Kathleen LaPorte
Volunteer of the Year Audrey Zents
Most Improved Chris Freeman & Reece Latham
Sponsor of the Year Outback Bikes & Andy Bailie
2017 Rookie of the Year Emory Hancock
Volunteer of the Year Travis Neumuller
Most Improved John Everest
Years of Service Bill Thomsen
Sponsor of the Year Ethic, Inc.
2016 Rookie of the Year John Everest
Volunteer of the Year John Tomlinson
Most Improved Rudy Keefer
Ambassador Award Gary Morgan
Sponsor of the Year Third Eye Software
2015 Rookies of the Year Danielle Dohmen & Gary Morgan
Sponsor of the Year Saucebox
Most Improved Andy Luettgen
Outstanding Junior Rider Nick Oestreich
Ambassador Award Michael Barman
Fairplay Award Aaron Freeman
Volunteer of the Year Mike Jones
2014 Rookie of the Year Ariel Burgess
Volunteer of the Year John Dowd
Most Improved Chad Conley
2013 Rookie of the Year Matt Robbins
Volunteer of the Year Maggie and Katie Sweeney
Most Improved Mikey Jencks
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