Wednesday Training is canceled for Jan 3rd 2018

We hope that old man winter takes a break next week.
As a reminder we need to temp to be above 40 at 6pm to open the gates @ 6:30pm.

Winter/Spring brings seen and unseen dangers to the velodrome.
Before riding the track verify it’s safe to ride – look for these and other unsafe conditions:

1. leaves are slippery even when not wet – clear them before riding!
2. verify there is no condensation on the track before riding!
3. clear of any water, ice and snow!
4. springtime pollen is also slippery!

It’s a new year so please print, complete and sign a new ATRA release wavier and bring it with you.


We need your help with managing waivers – so please scan/take a picture of your signed release wavier and email it with your full name in the subject line to: [email protected]com

Fee’s to ride the velodrome can be found here:

If you purchased a pass in 2017 then you are good to go until April 1st – all others will need to pay $5 per day or purchase a 2018 pass.

Velodrome workday #2 announced

Saturday December 9th 9 to 3

Use our event page to add the velodrome details to your calendar link to event page.

Finish Board repair
Leaf bagging
Finish Pressure washing turn 4
Pressure spray wood crossing turn one
Oil change on pressure sprayer
Finish fixing gutters add Gutter Guards
Ant control/killer
Continue Bike repairs
Spray for bugs
Fence repair turn one/two
Tree trimming – does anyone have a pole chainsaw?
Repair apron
Pizza eating

Help us keep the velodrome looking nice and rideable.




Starting in April, 2018, Women’s weekly racing will be moved back to Tuesday nights along with Master’s and Beginner’s racing.

If you attend two or more work days, we offer a $50.00 discount on season passes.

Warning: leaves are slippery even when not wet. You will slide off the track and hurt yourself if they aren’t cleared from the track.

November Velodrome Workday

The November Velodrome Workdays is in the books!

If you missed it – don’t worry we will be releasing a December Workday date soon.

A big thank you to the following:
Aaron Freeman
Bill Thomsen
Brian Sullivan
Carleton Hall
Christina Panella
Chuck Hancock
Coby Marsden
David Schwalbach
Gary Morgan
Heather Riniker
Kevin ODonnell
Kim Fuller
Peter Antonvich
Thomas Teichmann
Travis Neumuller
Michael Tharp

Accomplished Tasks for the day include:

  • leaf bagging
  • bathroom lock jamb install
  • ventilation fan for men’s room
  • file cabinet clean out
  • part of turn 4 pressure washed
  • removal of fallen tree parts
  • removal of damaged boards
  • fixing and cleaning of gutters
  • a good start on bike repairs
  • flag rope replacement
  • re-wrapping of turn one cabling
  • re-hanging of turn three cabling
  • trash can cleaning
  • pizza eating

1. velodrome is reopen it’s ride at your own risk
2. verify the track is safe before riding
3. leafs are slippery even when not wet you will slide off the track and hurt yourself if they aren’t cleared from the track

2017 Year End Party Recap

We would like to announce our 2017 Award Winners.  Big Thanks to The Marlay House for sponsoring the Year End Party.  We would also like to thank everyone for coming out and making it a successful event.

2017 Female Rider of the Year

Annalise Oestreich

2017 Male Rider of the Year

Kevin O’Donnell

2017 Rookie of the Year:

Emory Hancock

2017 Most Improved Rider of the Year:

John Everest

2017 Volunteer of the Year:

Travis Neumuller

2017 Sponsor of the Year:

Ethic, Inc.

Years of Service:

Bill Thomsen

And a shout out to all of our supporters for the 2017 Season:

Ethic, Inc.

Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation

Outback Bicycles

Bruce Hagen Bike Law

Snyder Cycles

Andy Bailie R/Max Metro Atlanta


Metro Atlanta Cycling Club

Service Course Auto Works

Saucebox Finery

The Marlay House

Oz Pizza


City of East Point

Photos by Heather Riniker


Workday #1, November 4th at 9AM

DLV’s first workday is scheduled for 9AM, November 4th.  Start getting those 2018 Rider of the Year points EARLY.  Come join us if you can, we appreciate your help!!!!

Workday Chores below:

Repair bathroom lock cover

Motion light above the bike room needs replacing

Repair apron

Ventilation fan in mens room

Pressure wash turn 4

Any tree limbs need to come down.

Video Crossing wire into turn one redone

Ice machine

2017 DLV Riders of the Year

Shout-out to our 2017 DLV Riders of the Year


 1. Annalise Oestreich 250.6
  2. Christina Panella 216.8
  3. Heather Riniker 188.0
  4. Kim Fuller 146.2
  5. Evelyn Todorow 120.4


  1. Kevin ODonnell 746.0
  2. Chad Conley 597.2
  3. Howard Buckley 421.6
  4. Andrew Hodges 421.0
  5. John Everest 322.2

full year end standings can be found here:

Team Results:

1. East Point Track Club 154.71
2. Outback Bikes 140.68
3. Georgia Tech 65.02
4. NGCA-Mission Source 50.73
5. Snyder Cycles 40.87

End of year Oz Pizza fun

Director’s Night Wednesday Sept 27th

Modified Marymoor Crawl: riders will start from the boards: Riders get eliminated if they put a foot down, grab the rail, ride off the track surface, fall or touch another rider or ride backwards or cross the finish line during the trackstanding period. The race will start on the officials whistle and will be one lap i.e. total of two laps.

Grudge Match: Howard Buckley vs Andrew Hodges: within 3 point for third: 3 lap scratch 9 points to the winner if they choose to race.

DLV Team of the Year: Top two teams in the team standings: East Point Track Club vs Outback Bikes. Coed Team Sprint: A team of 2-6 riders (with at least one woman and no more than four men) races for six laps, with each rider pulling off after his or her turn at the front of the line. EPTC agrees Outback can race without women.

B/C: Semi-Unkown: Each rider picks a number between 6 and 19 at registration. Sprint on lap 5 decides who’s lap number will be used.

A/B: Unkown Distance-Unkown Sprint: Sprints are still 5,3,2,1 with double on the finish.