Director’s Night Schedule

Hello All,

Here is a schedule for Wednesday night. We will meet at Oz Pizza afterwards to show our appreciation for them staying open late and supporting the velodrome during the season. Please bring some tip monies: CASH.

7:00 PM C/D warm up
7:05 A/B warm up
A 10 Lap Scratch
7:30 B 5 Lap Scratch
C/D 5 Lap Scratch
Madison 30 Laps
8:00 Marymoor Crawl
8:15 ROY Wheelrace
8:30 Finish

See you all tomorrow night: Rain or Shine.

Fran Rudy stories 1-7 will be retold for new riders to the DLV/



Gates and Registration Open at 2:00 p.m. No one except for vendors will be allowed in before this time! Registration closes promptly at 2:50 p.m. NO LATE REGISTRATION. ALL RIDERS MUST SIGN IN TO RACE ON SATURDAY REGARDLESS IF YOU SIGNED IN ON FRIDAY NIGHT.  We do not have pre-registration.  It is too disruptive to officials and volunteers trying to keep racing going to try and register riders after racing is underway.

If you qualify for more than one category and sign up for those categories, YOU MUST START ALL RACES IN EACH CATEGORY. If you miss a start, you are ineligible to race the rest of the races.

8/21: Women,Beginners, Masters, proposed schedule

Here yo go:


7:00 PM 20 Lap Paceline
Beginner paceline from bottom of track
Master+ Women paceline from top of track
7:20 Master B 5-Lap Scratch
7:25 Master A 5-Lap scratch
7:30 Women 5 Lap Scratch
7:35 Beginners 5 Lap Scratch
7:40 Master B 8 lap Win and Out
7:48 Master A Miss-n-Out
7:55 Women 8 lap Win and Out
8:03 Beginners 8 lap Win and Out
8:10 Master B 15 lap Snowball
8:20 Master A 15 lap Snowball
8:30 Women 15 Lap Snowball
8:40 Beginner 15 Lap Snowball
8:50 Master A, B, Women, Invited Beginners 40 lap points race sprint every 10