Working Man’s Two Day: Preliminary Schedule

7:00 PM Cat C/D warm up
Women/B warm up
7:10 Cat A warm up
Cat C/D 10 Lap Scratch
Women/B 20 Lap Scratch
Cat A 30 Lap Scratch
Cat C/D 10 lap Point-A-Lap
Women/B 20 Lap International Tempo
Cat C/D 20 Lap Points Race
Cat A 30 International Tempo
8:50 Finish
7:00 PM Cat C/D warm up
Women/B warm up
7:10 Cat A warm up
7:20 Cat C/D win-n-Out
Women/B Elimination
Cat A Elimination
7:55 Cat C/D tempo
Women/B 50 Points Race (sprint every 10)
8:30 Cat C/D Unkown
Cat A 70 Lap Points Race( sprint every 10)
9:15 Finish
Scoring accumilates over the two days. International Omnium style: 40 points to win, 38 for second 36 for third down to 21st and below 1 point
International Tempo: 5 laps before points begin. 1 point per lap. +20/-20 for laps taken or lost
Ranking: The winner of the Omnium shall be the rider who has obtained the highest total of points.
Women scored seperate from B’s
International Omnium rules under 2O3 per USAC
If racers miss a day that is fine and will be scored -40 for the races the didn’t complete

What a great weekend of racing – thanks

A big thank you to our sponsors Outback Bikes for the Keirin and Bike Law for the Friday Night Sprints. If you missed the action you can re-watch the live action on our YouTube channel dicklanevelodromelive.

To our events winners:
Women’s Keirin: Jenna Davis
Men’s Keirin: Joe Christiansen
A Women: Morgan Stern
A Men: Frank Travieso
B/C: Max Oestreich
Master: Andy Bailie
Women’s Sprint: Rachel McKinnon
Men’s Sprint: Joe Christiansen

To all our volunteers:
Ronda Zents 
Tracey Delbridge
Teresa Latham 
Kevin O’Donnell 
Bill Thomsen 
Rob Evans
Alexa Lampasona
David Schwalbach
Brian Sullivan 
Gary Morgan 
David Egetter
Casey Upperman
Travis Neumuller
Jason Jones
Mike Barman
Thomas Teichmann
John Dowd 
Steve Hill
Emily Burrows
Kim Fuller
Erin Young
Ryan Crabbe
Mark Oestreich

All our Sponsors and Supporters:
Outback Bikes
Ethic, Inc.
Metro Atlanta Cycling Club
Oz Pizza
Andy Bailie Re/Max Metro Atlanta
Georgia Bike Racing Association
Service Course Auto Works
The Marley House
Cake Hag
City of East Point
ATL Airport District