Racing Categories


A Grade

Our top athletes. To be an A rider you should be able to go to most velodromes and be competitive in their premier programs. Bike handling should never really be in doubt and you should feel like you can stick with most top riders at any given time. To race as an A, your USAC racing license should be a 1, 2 and in a some cases Cat 3. Average pack speed: 30+mph. Sprints 40+mph.


B Grade

B riders should be experienced riders with good bike handling skills. Maybe you need a little more fitness or riding tactics. Maybe you are a rider who has been racing for a long time, are pretty fit, but have that funny thing called “life” that doesn’t allow you to ride 20+ hours anymore. Average pack speed: 25+mph. Sprints 35+mph. USAC Category 3 and experienced Cat 4 riders.


C Grade

C group riders should be newer racers with good bike handling skills and a developing knowledge of track rules and etiquette. This group will contain riders aiming to move up to the B level and those looking for good racing without the pressure of battling a field of riders seeking an upgrade to the A group. It is also a place where experienced riders can help newer riders improve their tactics and become better racers. Average pack speed: 22+mph. Sprints 30+mph. USAC Category 4 riders.


D Grade – Beginning Racer

Every rider who has completed our beginners class moves into our D or Beginners racing category. No exceptions. This group races on Tuesday night** to coincide with our Masters and Women’s races. It is designed for every rider who has recently been certified to race and for anyone who feels that they need more track experience before racing against more seasoned riders. USAC Category 4 riders.

This group will serve as a valuable place to learn the basics of track racing and sharpen your riding skills. To upgrade to the next level and race on Wednesday nights, you must race at least 4 Tuesday nights(Sprint and Pursuit nights count for 1/2 a night) and demonstrate enough skill to move to the next level. Please note that if you are eligible for an upgrade right before a Pro Race Series event, you may be held back in the D category in order to get some experience in the C category to make sure our Pro Race events are run under safe conditions.

**We encourage all new riders to also race at the pursuit challenges and sprints that take place on selected Tuesdays.

We don’t want anyone to feel anxious or scared about what group they choose. If you are unsure of what category you are, just ask. We feel we know our riders very well and can help you make that decision much easier. Email Rob if you are unsure.

Racing is fun when you are able to contest sprints, employ tactics and make things happen. It’s a drag when you are struggling off the back. We want you all to have fun.


Track Upgrades

All track upgrades are processed by the Velodrome Manager using the following criteria:

  • Beginning Rider to C: Complete a Velodrome Class plus 4-6 Tuesday night races and demonstrate enough skill to move to the next level. Sprint and Pursuit nights will count for 1/2 a night. We will not be moving anyone up right before a Pro Race event.
  • C to B: 4 race days and 84 points or Velodrome Managers discretion
  • B to A: 4 race days and 105 points or Velodrome Managers discretion

Points are a total of points per night of racing, not omnium points or overall YTD pts. Each race is scored 7,5,3,2,1. Masters points do not count toward your upgrade. It is the responsibility of the rider to keep track their own resume to be submitted once you have reached your needed points. No written resume, no upgrade.

USAC Upgrades follow ATRA rules and can be found in your USAC rule book.
Click here for information regarding USAC Upgrades