Tuesday Night: Women, Beginners, Masters: Schedule of Events

Hello All,

Here is a preliminary schedule for tonight’s racing.

7:00 PM
Organzied 20 Lap Warm-Up
Beginners at the bottom of the track
Masters at the Blue line down to apron after beginners finish
Women start after beginers exit
7:25 PM
Master B 5-Lap Scratch
Master A 5-Lap scratch
Women 5 Lap Scratch
Beginners 5 Lap Scratch
Master B 6 win-n-out
7:52 PM
Master A Miss-N-Out
Womens 6 lap win-n-out
Beginners 6 lap win-n-out
Master B 10 lap Point-a-Lap
Master A 10 lap Reverse Snowball
Women 10 Lap Point-a-Lap
Beginner 15 Lap points Race sprint every 5 laps
Master A,B, Women, Invited Beginners 40 lap points race sprint every 10
9:00 finished

Pursuit Night; Madison Certification this Week

This week is our first week of Pursuit Night and Madison for 2018. A few reminders about these events:

Pursuit Night:

We are working on going to RFID timing soon. I need 4 volunteers for pursuit night. One holder-lap counter with one timer per side.

The volunteer sign-up is always located here: DLV Volunteer Sign-Up


We try our best to start at 7pm however creating the start sheets can delay this process. Please register first then prepare to race.

Please be on time and register as soon as possible for the correct distance for your categories, gender and age.

We will be seeding riders per distance. This helps with the timing of events.


1.5 lap Time Trial: All women, junior men race age 16 and younger, and men over 50 years of racing age.

3 lap Time Trial: Junior men race age 17-18, men, and masters under the age of 50.

6 lap pursuit: Women 15-18, Women 35+, and Men 50+.

9 lap pursuit: Women 19-35, Junior Men race age 15-18, Masters 35+, DLV categories B,C,D.

12 lap pursuit: A riders only

Team Events: One event per rider. No aerobars allowed for team sprint.

Womens team sprint 2 riders- 2 laps

Mens team Sprint: 3 riders-3 laps

Team pursuit: 4 riders- 12 laps.


If any A,B or C racers would like to get DLV madison certified please be at the velodrome and ready to ride by 6pm. If any racers that did madisons last year would like to work on skills please feel free to attend. We will have a madison warm-up behind the A’s.