March/April DLV Update – Training Starts in April!

The velodrome is opening up for unstructured training only on Wednesdays in April at no cost to riders. The first night of training will be Wednesday, April 7 from 7 – 9 PM. The last Wednesday of training will be April 28. Details are below and are listed on the Dick Lane Velodrome Calendar page.

Check back for an announcement of our May plans in the next few weeks.

Here are the specifics of the training nights.

Riders must bring all of their own equipment, complete a waiver, pre-register and check in upon arrival for contact tracing purposes.

All riders must complete the ATRA waiver for 2021 and bring it to your first event of 2021. The waiver can also be filled out and emailed in. Click here for the waiver –>ATRA Release

Please print, sign and bring the waiver with you. Or if you can, please scan/take a photo and email with your name on the subject line to: [email protected]

Event Registration and Check In

***Online registration only***

The option to register will open at midnight on the day of the event and will close at the end of the event. Use the “Going” button which activates on the event page at midnight on the day of the event to pre-register.

Upon arrival riders must check in at concessions. When you register, you will be emailed a QR code that gets scanned at check-in. Please have the QR code ready when you check in.

After check-in, only riders may enter the infield. Guests must remain outside the boards.

General Covid-19 Guidelines

  • Please stay at home if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, have an elevated temperature, or have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.
  • At this event and all others, please limit the number of people (guests/parents) you bring with you as much as possible. We understand it may not be possible for you to come alone.
  • Upon arrival, please follow all directions provided and continue to practice social distancing.
  • Entrants are encouraged to bring their own pen to complete the 2021 ATRA waivers if you have not completed your ATRA waiver at home.
  • Riders find a spot in the infield as usual and stay there as much as you can. Please leave a safe distance to your neighbors of at least 6 feet. If you leave your area, social distancing must be adhered to.
  • Guests find a spot on the outside of the boards and please leave a safe distance to your neighbors of at least 6 feet.
  • Maintain a minimum of 6 feet between participants and staff members at all times. Avoid physical contact with others when possible.
  • All Park riders/visitors should wash their hands regularly with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Masks are mandatory any time you can not maintain 6 feet of distance from another person.
  • Masks are encouraged but not required while riding.

All inquiries should be emailed to [email protected]

2021 Pre-Season Work Day

DLV’s first workday of 2021 is scheduled for 9AM, Saturday March 20th. We need volunteers to help clean up the velodrome grounds in preparation for the 2021 season. Being outdoors everyone will have no problem being socially distanced and mask wearing is encouraged. The primary task will be:

  • Leaf removal
  • Debris cleanup
  • General cleaning

These represent a few of the primary things that need done so that we can take the next steps in opening the velodrome in 2021.

Note: State guidelines for Covid 19 safety are to be followed by all volunteers.

Please RSVP through our event page:

Come join us if you can, we appreciate your help!!!!

February 2021 Update

The Dick Lane Velodrome is committed to promoting cycling in a safe and friendly environment. It was out of an abundance of caution for everyone’s health, state/local guidelines, and respect for the community that we temporarily shut down the Dick Lane Velodrome in 2020. We were all disappointed, but it was a necessary decision.

For 2021, we are working on a plan to reopen on a limited basis. The obvious challenge is COVID-19 safety.

Some insight into our racing plans for 2021:

We are discussing that when racing starts, it will be one night a week. We are planning on just Wednesday nights to begin the season. This allows us to ease into the season and ensure our COVID-19 guidelines are being implemented properly, allowing us to make any necessary changes before the next race day. We will re-evaluate adding race nights on a regular basis to decide if/when we can expand programming.

Status of our regular programs:

• Wednesday adult racing or organized training – in planning phase. Start date to be determined.
• YCL – on hold. Evaluating our ability to restart in 2021
• Certification Classes – on hold. Evaluating our ability to restart in 2021
• Tuesday Racing – on hold till further notice
• Pro races – on hold till further notice

As a 100% volunteer organization, we are doing our best to get things going while taking care of our personal and professional lives outside the velodrome. If anyone wants to help, please email [email protected]

Please check back for updates!


Gary Morgan
East Point Velodrome Association