Women, Masters, Beginners Race Schedule June 5th 7:00 pm Warm-Up

MWB Tuesday Racing 7:00 pm warm up
Organzied 20 Lap Warm-Up
Beginners at the bottom of the track
Masters at the Blue line down to apron after beginners finish
Women start after beginers exit
Master B 5-Lap scratch
Master A 5-Lap Scratch
Women 5 Lap Scratch
Beginners 5 Lap Scratch
Master B 8 Lap Tempo
Master A 8 lap Tempo
Womens 8 lap Tempo
Beginners 8 lap Tempo
Master B 15 lap Points Race Sprint every 5
Master A 10 Lap split scratch: Lap 5=(5,3,2,1) final=(9,7,5,3,2,1)
Women 15 Lap Points Race Sprint every 5
Beginner 15 Lap points Race sprint every 5 laps
Master A,B, Women, Invited Beginners 40 lap points race sprint every 10