Communique #2

Communique #2


This is a very tight schedule. Please be on time for your events. Racers must leave the apron 1 lap after the finish of the race.


Rider meetings: Friday at 6:45pm and Saturday at 2:45pm and 5:45pm. This is when registration closes. Any riders missing the meeting will be disqualified.


Racers must register for the category they are racing. Once a racer does not start they may not compete in that category the rest of the session.


2B4. Blue Band. In all races it is permissible to ride below the measurement line, but never below the track surface on the blue band, unless done so involuntarily. “If you find yourself on the blue band wait until the track is clear behind and re-enter on a straight.”


Sprint Tournament and Keirin Riders: You are responsible for bringing your own holder one heat ahead of schedule to draw. If you use tow straps please have a holder who can get you to the line in a timely manner.


Keirin: 6 Laps. Motor pulls off with a 1.5 laps to go. At the start, riders shall take their positions determined by the draw, directly behind the pacer, for at least the first lap, failing which the starter shall stop the race and riders that failed to comply shall be disqualified. In the restart, the remaining riders shall again take their same relative positions behind the pacer. (b) The riders shall remain immediately behind the pacer until such time as the pacer leaves the track. (c) If there is a mishap in the first half lap, the race shall be stopped and immediately restart.


Keirin Tie breaker: Number of wins, second places, third places, if still tied coin flip result will break tie.


Chief Referee: Mike Barman

Chief Judge: Mike Jones

Asst Judge: John Dowd

Asst Referee: Gary Morgan


Again! No Pets are allowed at the Velodrome at any time!