Workday #1, November 4th at 9AM

DLV’s first workday is scheduled for 9AM, November 4th.  Start getting those 2018 Rider of the Year points EARLY.  Come join us if you can, we appreciate your help!!!!

Workday Chores below:

Repair bathroom lock cover

Motion light above the bike room needs replacing

Repair apron

Ventilation fan in mens room

Pressure wash turn 4

Any tree limbs need to come down.

Video Crossing wire into turn one redone

Ice machine

2017 DLV Riders of the Year

Shout-out to our 2017 DLV Riders of the Year


 1. Annalise Oestreich 250.6
  2. Christina Panella 216.8
  3. Heather Riniker 188.0
  4. Kim Fuller 146.2
  5. Evelyn Todorow 120.4


  1. Kevin ODonnell 746.0
  2. Chad Conley 597.2
  3. Howard Buckley 421.6
  4. Andrew Hodges 421.0
  5. John Everest 322.2

full year end standings can be found here:

Team Results:

1. East Point Track Club 154.71
2. Outback Bikes 140.68
3. Georgia Tech 65.02
4. NGCA-Mission Source 50.73
5. Snyder Cycles 40.87

End of year Oz Pizza fun

Director’s Night Wednesday Sept 27th

Modified Marymoor Crawl: riders will start from the boards: Riders get eliminated if they put a foot down, grab the rail, ride off the track surface, fall or touch another rider or ride backwards or cross the finish line during the trackstanding period. The race will start on the officials whistle and will be one lap i.e. total of two laps.

Grudge Match: Howard Buckley vs Andrew Hodges: within 3 point for third: 3 lap scratch 9 points to the winner if they choose to race.

DLV Team of the Year: Top two teams in the team standings: East Point Track Club vs Outback Bikes. Coed Team Sprint: A team of 2-6 riders (with at least one woman and no more than four men) races for six laps, with each rider pulling off after his or her turn at the front of the line. EPTC agrees Outback can race without women.

B/C: Semi-Unkown: Each rider picks a number between 6 and 19 at registration. Sprint on lap 5 decides who’s lap number will be used.

A/B: Unkown Distance-Unkown Sprint: Sprints are still 5,3,2,1 with double on the finish.


Recap of this past weekends racing

Friday – Need for Speed Sprints p/b Snyder Cycles
1 Kyle Knott
2 Nick Oestreich
3 Kevin ODonnell

full results here:

Saturday – Velodrome Cup p/b Ethic Inc
1 Erica Allar
2 Annalise Oestreich
3 Christina Panella

A Men
1 Stephen Hall
2 Chad Conley
3 Frank Travieso

new DLV record for five mile scratch
Stephen Hall 10:05.18

B Men
1 Collin Tellechea
2 Samuel OBrien
3 Kevin Traynor

1 Andy Bailie
2 Richard Keller
3 Chris Freeman

Youth Cycling League A
1 Julien Ruhe
2 Max Oestreich
3 Owen Braunecker

Youth Cycling League B
1 Phillip Coleman
2 Georgia Cline
3 Marley Alabanza

full results here:

Sunday – Record Day
new Hour Record Women’s
Emily Borrows – 34.505km

new Team Pursuit 4000m 4:59.471
Chad Conley, Andrew Hodges, Kevin O’Donnell

find all the DLV track records here:

Monday – Collegiate Track Cup p/b Georgia Tech & EPTC
Collegiate Women A/B/C
1 Erica Allar
2 Olivia Ray
3 Judah Sencemvaugh

Collegiate Men A/B/C
1 Andy Guetzo
2 Willem Kaiser
3 Samuel OBrien

A/B Men
1 Frank Travieso
2 Valentin Todorow
3 Andy Guetzo

B/C Men
1 Kim Cantrell
2 Emory Hancock
3 Lawson Pruett

1 Garrett Lucas
2 Kyle Boukin
3 Rand Allison

full results here:

relive the racing action from this weekend @