Private Events

Looking for a unique place to get active with your friends, co-workers, or family? We can help you! Contact us about booking a private session on our velodrome! We provide bikes to ride and USA Cycling-certified coaches to structure your session. All you have to do is bring yourselves and signed waivers. Each session will be tailored to your group’s needs and various skill levels. From birthday parties all the way up to team training, we can challenge you!


2-hour session:
Groups of 1-5: $80 + $5/bike rental
Groups of 6-10: $120 + $5/bike rental


Let us know how many people you’re bringing, how much cycling experience they have, and a range of dates your looking at. In the event of rain, you can rebook a different date for no extra charge, but subject to coach’s availability. We can extend your session up to three hours, but in our experience wouldn’t go longer than that.


Example 2-hour Novice Class
history of track racing
learn and practice how to control speed on a fixed-gear bike
how to effectively communicate with and safely pass nearby riders
learn and practice how to execute the correct pattern of entering, riding on, and exiting the velodrome
how to “hold a line” & holding line drill
try the track straigtaways
try the track turns
more games and drills
learn rules of different types of races
depending on progress, compete in practice races

Contact: [email protected]