Workday #4 March 9th

We have scheduled the next work day for March 9th 9am to 3ish.  We hope to see you there.  We’ll be working around the beginners class that’s also scheduled that day between 1 to 4.

Just a reminder, you do get volunteer points towards Rider of the Year.

track: concrete patch culvert pipe outlet
track: fix video cabling
track: weeds under boards
pickup leaves
boards: inspect and replace bottom straps at polls
officials: water seal stand
officials: regrade and install wood decking below
officials: paint women’s scoreboard
restroom: men’s fan ( need 6” fan)
restroom: install replacement signs
concession: roof tar
bike room: fix speaker wheels
bike room: change combo – need special spanner for lock
other items as identified
pizza eating

thank you volunteers

thanks to these volunteers we got some things knocked off the list.
Andy Bailie
Bill Thomsen
Brian Sullivan
David Ameijeiras
David Schwalbach
Emily Burrows
Gary Morgan
John Dowd
John Randall
John Tomlinson
Kevin O’Donnell
Peter Antonvich
Steve Hill
Travis Neumuller

track: start area at boards about 1/3 done
track: trim back trees overhanging
track: spread ant control
track: pickup leaves
track: temp fix of re-hang video cables
track: fix timing cables
track: replace timing outlet covers
boards: clean old ad sign areas
officials: prime women’s scoreboard
officials: two new outlets
concession: sink drain leaks at wall
restroom: reattach loose benches
restroom: repaint men & women signs
bike room: gutter downspout
bike room: clean gutters
buildings: bug spray
oz pizza eating


Saturday November 10th, 2018 at 9AM to 3PM

Saturday November 10th, 2018 at 9AM to 3PM

Come join us if you can, we appreciate your help!!!!

Fix Speaker wheels
fill cracks around track
water seal officials stand
install posts for scoreboard extension
remove old sponsors
extend french drain on turn four
paint bike racks
concrete patch culvert pipe outlet
install new men’s room fan
concession roof – spot tar
bike room light
fix cabling
pop rivet boards
fix bike room gutter downspout
other items as identified
pizza eating