Working Man’s Two Day: Preliminary Schedule

7:00 PM Cat C/D warm up
Women/B warm up
7:10 Cat A warm up
Cat C/D 10 Lap Scratch
Women/B 20 Lap Scratch
Cat A 30 Lap Scratch
Cat C/D 10 lap Point-A-Lap
Women/B 20 Lap International Tempo
Cat C/D 20 Lap Points Race
Cat A 30 International Tempo
8:50 Finish
7:00 PM Cat C/D warm up
Women/B warm up
7:10 Cat A warm up
7:20 Cat C/D win-n-Out
Women/B Elimination
Cat A Elimination
7:55 Cat C/D tempo
Women/B 50 Points Race (sprint every 10)
8:30 Cat C/D Unkown
Cat A 70 Lap Points Race( sprint every 10)
9:15 Finish
Scoring accumilates over the two days. International Omnium style: 40 points to win, 38 for second 36 for third down to 21st and below 1 point
International Tempo: 5 laps before points begin. 1 point per lap. +20/-20 for laps taken or lost
Ranking: The winner of the Omnium shall be the rider who has obtained the highest total of points.
Women scored seperate from B’s
International Omnium rules under 2O3 per USAC
If racers miss a day that is fine and will be scored -40 for the races the didn’t complete

Pursuit Night Volunteers

Here is the volunteer sign-up sheet thats lives where he results for the season are:

We need at least 3 volunteers to run both sides of the track and cut the time required in half. If your favorite night of the month is pursuit then please find a volunteer for the evening then volunteer for your least favorite night please. We are a volunteer run velodrome.

2019 The Keirin P/B Outback Bikes Flyer and Call for Racers

We have updated the event page with the flyer for this year. Thank you Outback Bikes for sponsoring the event Saturday May 11th. Racers interested in racing the keirin please provide a race resume to [email protected] no later then April 12th. Need for Speed sprints will be Friday night May 10th.