First Workday of 2022! Thank you volunteers next workday preliminarily set for Sat March 19th and Sun the 20th

Hello DLV followers,

Our first workday weekend was a success. This season we are changing things up a bit. We had both a Saturday and Sunday workday from 10am to 4pm. Hopefully this allows followers a chance to get their rides in and still be able to participate for a few hours helping the DLV. This also allows for weather flexibility. We have more projects to beautify the velodrome then manhours for a crew of 500. Please feel free to bring your favorite rake, leafblower, pole saw, loppers, and/or shovel.


Thank you:

Andy Bailie

Gary Morgan

Tim Messen

Nathaniel Montgomery-Noel

Jason Jones

Billy Santana

Jonathan Agee

and Jonathan’s friend Jake

Leaves were removed, Bleachers returned to position, Ivy removed from trees, tree debris removed, and a patch to back straight board hole.



See everyone soon,

Mike Barman


DLV Lap-a-Thon was a huge success!

The Youth Cycling League and Olympic Development Riders put on an excellent event with riding, music, food, and fun.

Thank you to these riders:

Stephen Boland: 200 laps

Michael Gibson: 200 Laps

Michael Tharp: 200 Laps

Erin Young: 200 Laps

Nick Leonard: 200 Laps

Kathleen Laporte: 157 Laps

Eric Palacio: 147 Laps

Justin Roman: 147 Laps

Pete Wicker: 113 Laps

Mike Barman: 99 Laps

We were able to raise close to $3500. There is still time to donate or pay for your pledge at our Lap-a-Thon website: 

After Friday the event will close but you can still donate by using the DLV Donation page:

Special thanks to Gary Morgan and Darel Christopher for running the RFID timing during the event.