Work Day #2 February 9th

We have scheduled the next work day for February 9th.  We hope to see you there. 

Just a reminder, you do get volunteer points towards Rider of the Year.

track: fill cracks around track
track: repair – 45 to 50, 80, 90, 118, 122, 130 to 135, 180 track/apron lip, 210 crack, 225 mid pt, 290, 319, cracks at boards starting area
track: extend french drain on turn four @ 265m
track: concrete patch culvert pipe outlet – sandbags
track: fix cabling
track: fix timing cables (John D)
track: outlet covers – timing
track: trim back trees overhanging

boards: clean areas (merial)

officials: water seal stand
officials: prime women’s scoreboard (might need primer?)
officials: two new outlets (boxes and cover what type?)
officials: rain gauge
officials: build concrete form
officials: concrete pad under

restroom: men’s fan
restroom: women’s seat damaged (needs new round seat)
restroom: repaint men & women signs

concession: roof tar
concession: sink drain leaks at wall

bike room: gutter downspout
bike room: clean gutters
bike room: fix speaker wheels
bike room: change combo – spanner for bike room lock

buildings: spray for bugs

other items as identified
pizza eating