Who is the EVPA?

The East Point Velodrome Association, Inc. (EPVA), is a volunteer-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation, care and growth of the Dick Lane Velodrome, located in East Point, Georgia.

The EPVA conducts Youth Service Activities for the children at no cost to the city or state. These activities include our highly acclaimed Youth Cycling League (for kids 8-12), Summer Camps (kids 13-16), and Bicycle Safety Clinics. In addition, to raising bicycle safety awareness, these programs promote physical health and wellness, teamwork and individual growth through the sport and positive alternatives to drugs and gangs. These pioneering grass-root programs will hopefully ignite positive changes in kids and in competitive cycling in the U.S.

The Dick Lane Velodrome is a member track of the American Track Racing Association(ATRA). ATRA is the governing body for the majority of velodrome’s in the country, and was formed by US velodromes to advance the sport of track cycling, the capital improvements of our facilities and for the promotion of track riding and racing. More info at www.raceatra.com.

The EPVA holds a position on the board of the Georgia Bicycle Racing Association (GBRA). GBRA is the USA Cycling (USAC) local association for all USAC races held in the state of Georgia. More info can be found on GBRA’s website, www.gacycling.com.

EVPA Programs

The goal of our activities is to provide programs for riders of all ages and abilities as well as giving them the experience of track cycling. The aim is to provide a pathway for riders that will eventually lead to being able to compete at the pro level.

The Youth Cycling League is for 8-16 year olds and has 50% of the participants coming from the local neighborhood. Similar programs in other cities have produced Olympic athletes. This is one of our most successful and our most coveted program at the velodrome.

The Beginners’ Program for adults opens up the track to all adults to learn to ride on the track before progressing into our weekly racing program

The Pro Racing Series is a nationally listed racing schedule, drawing top regional, national, and international racers.

The weekly racing series is for categories A through D, Women and Masters. These races give the riders a chance to hone their skills against others in preparation for the Pro Racing Series.

The Working Man’s Two Day is a two night event held in conjunction with our weekly racing program several times a year.

The Advanced Training program builds on the beginners program and gives riders the ability to step up their riding to higher levels.

Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee State Championships are held at the velodrome to see who the best riders in the Southeast are.

Women’s Training Programs allow us to continue to offer a supportive low-stress environment for women of all ability levels to come out an improve their skills.

EVPA’S Goals
  • To continue and expand its youth programs for the kids of East Point and Greater Atlanta
  • To continue and develop its adult programs
  • To provide low-cost entertainment for the local community
  • To bring business to the community
  • To contribute to civic pride
  • To bring national recognition to the community through the development of Olympic athletes