Peachtree Bikes Super Saturdays

Unfortunately we are discontinuing our Super Saturday program for 2013

Super Saturdays are brought to you by Peachtree Bikes

A brand new program for 2012, we'll be adding monthly Saturday racing to our schedule. These races will be in addition to the our Pro Race Series events, and will be featured on the first Saturday of each month throughout the season. The races will be hosted by Carleton Hall, and will feature an event program that will be very similar to our Wednesday night racing, plus a special event each day. Race categories on the days will be A/B Combined, C and D, and race entries will be $15 or free for One Pass holders.


All races will be held from 2pm till 5-ish
April 7th - Madison Night
May 5th - Gladiator Night
June 2nd - Marathon Night
August 4th - Wheelrace Night
September 15th - Ad-hoc or one of the prescribed formats

Schedule is posted here:


A/B Combined
C Group
D Group


Free for One Pass holders