Racer Information

Release Forms

Dick Lane Velodrome is a member of the American Track Racing Association(ATRA), so to ride here you'll need the ATRA waiver: ATRA Release

DLV Gear Chart

Most racers here use a gear somewhere between 86 and 94 inches. We recommend starting small and getting bigger as you go. DLV Gear Chart. As a general guide C and D racers may use 86-88", B racers generally use 88-90" and A racers use 90"+.

Season Fees

All fees can be paid in person with either cash or check(made out to EPVA), by mail with a check, or online in our online store. Heres the breakdown of fees:
One Pass $300.00
Weekly + Training Pass $200.00
Collegiate Pass $250.00 - $150.00 Read Here
Junior Pass 50% off for juniors under 18
New Rider Pass 50% off for new riders first pass
Training Pass $80.00
Wednesday Night Racing $15.00
Tuesday Night Racing
One Training Day
$ 5.00
Adult Beginners Class - includes bike if needed
Pro Race Series $25.00
Need for Speed Race $15.00
Pro Race Series gate entry - Individual $ 5.00
Pro Race Series gate entry - Family $10.00

DLV Racing Rules

The Dick Lane Velodrome is a member of the American Track Racing Association (ATRA). We run our races in accordance with ATRA rules. The DLV does have some unique rules that differ from the ATRA rulebook and they are as follows :

1. No bolt-on handlebar addition or extension shall be allowed in any race with the exception of timed, non-massed start events that are over 200m in distance.