DLV Learning Center

A new section of our site, the "Learning Center" is aimed at providing more information for you to learn more about track racing, and racing and riding at the Dick Lane Velodrome. We will post articles about a range of different topics, if there is something that you'd like to learn about, drop us a line, [email protected] and we can attempt to get put some answers together for you.


Velodrome FAQ's: Some useful info about riding at the velodrome

How to go Faster!: Some tips and ideas on how to go faster!

Intermediate Paceline Etiquette: A more advanced lesson on safe and smooth pacelines.

Physics and the Track Banking: Learn about the physics associated with the banking.

Physics of the Track Part 2: Learn how the weather affects times and speeds.

Categories and Upgrading: Learn the requirements of how to upgrade

How to Pin Your Bib Number: Learn the correct positioning of your bib number

UCI Points and Madison Rules: Learn about UCI Rules for Points and Madison races

ATRA Track Racing Rules: Learn about ATRA and USAC track racing rules

DLV Pursuit Performance: Presentation and videos about optimizing pursuit performance

Tools For Your Kit: List of tools for your tool kit that will help you stay on the track