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The East Point Velodrome Association, Inc. (EPVA), is a volunteer-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation, care and growth of the Dick Lane Velodrome, located in East Point, Georgia.

The EPVA conducts Youth Service Activities for the children at no cost to the city or state. These activities include our highly acclaimed Youth Cycling League (for kids 8-12), Summer Camps (kids 13-16), and Bicycle Safety Clinics. In addition, to raising bicycle safety awareness, these programs promote physical health and wellness, teamwork and individual growth through the sport and positive alternatives to drugs and gangs. These pioneering grass-root programs will hopefully ignite positive changes in kids and in competitive cycling in the U.S.

Constructed in 1974, the Dick Lane Velodrome was inspired by a group of residents and City officials that visited the Munich Olympics. Located eight miles south of downtown Atlanta, the Dick Lane Velodrome is a 1/5 of a mile and 36° banked concrete track for bicycle racing, set in Sumner park in a residential part of beautiful historic East Point. Dick Lane is the only velodrome in the world with a green space that contains a large oak tree and a creek running through the in-field. The City of East Point owns the velodrome and has a long-term partnership with the EPVA to manage the Dick Lane Velodrome, and continue its use as one of the premier facilities of its kind.

The Dick Lane Velodrome is a member track of the American Track Racing Association(ATRA). ATRA is the governing body for the majority of velodrome's in the country, and was formed by US velodromes to advance the sport of track cycling, the capital improvements of our facilities and for the promotion of track riding and racing. More info at www.raceatra.com .

The EPVA holds a position on the board of the Georgia Bicycle Racing Association (GBRA). GBRA is the USA Cycling (USAC) local association for all USAC races held in the state of Georgia. More info can be found on GBRA's website, www.gacycling.com .

Check out the flyer from the DLV Grand Opening event on March 23, 1975!

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DLV Historical Timeline

If you have anything to add to the timeline, please feel free to email us, rob@dicklanevelodrome.com we'd love to hear from you!


  • 1974 - Velodrome Built
  • 1975 - First Velodrome Race promoted by Dave Chauner
  • 1975 - EP City paid Velodrome Manager: Chuck Winkleman
  • 1975/6 - USCF Racing: Kenneth Reed and Jay Dusenberry
  • 1976 - Junior World Championships USA Team Trials held at DLV
  • 1976 - "American Bicycle Racing" Book by James C. McCullagh
  • 1977 - EP City paid Velodrome Manager: David Rosenbloom


  • 1982 - 7-Eleven/Bicycling Magazine Grand Prix
  • 1983 - 7-Eleven/Bicycling Magazine Grand Prix
  • 1987 - 1991 - Grand Prix Series - Track Manager: Mike Hoffland
  • 1988 - Sundance Grand Prix - Aired on ESPN


  • 1996 - Velodrome gets facelift to become an Olympic Training facility
  • 1997 - The Fulton Flyers Cycling Club was formed to run the velodrome.
    - President: James Tomko
    - Vice President: Toby Troug
    - Secretary: John Boland
    - Track Manager: John Payne
  • 1998 - Pete Pellegrini becomes President of the Fulton Flyers Cycling Club
  • 1999 - 2002: Wayne Whitesides becomes President of the Fulton Flyers Cycling Club


  • 2002 - East Point Velodrome Association 501(c)3 is Formed 5/29/2002
  • 2002 - East Point Grand Prix Series: Mike Hoffland
  • 2002 - Pete Antonvich becomes President of the EPVA
  • 2003 - East Point Grand Prix Series: Mike Hoffland
  • 2003 - Bicycle Little League started
  • 2004 - Velodrome Closed for Repair
  • 2005 - Velodrome Re-Opened
  • 2005 - 2008 Festival of Speed Race Series: Wayne Whitesides
  • 2009 - Jeff Hopkins becomes Track Manager
  • 2009 - Pro Race Series: Jeff Hopkins
  • 2010 - Interview with Dick Lane
  • 2012 - Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff Rides