GoldSprints Rental

Yes, we have a Gold Sprints system available for rent!! What is Gold Sprints you ask? Stationary racing on rollers, forks are locked in for safety and it will be your opportunity to rip!!

We use the Goldsprints as a tool to promote our Youth Cycling League both in fundraising and for outreach and interest to attract more youth aged cyclist to the program.

If you're interested in renting our equipment, please contact Rob Evans, [email protected] for further information. All rentals include all the equipment and a person with the expertise to operate it.

Some FAQs:
For our rate we provide an operator and setup for 3 hours of event plus 30mins of load-in and load-out. We are really focused only on the Metro Atlanta area. Due to past experiences we do not rent out Goldsprints without an operator so we would have a difficult time transporting and setting up outside of the Metro area. If you are interested in paying for travel expenses for the operator and transportation of the Goldsprints by all means please inquire.