State Championship Afternoon Session Starting at 3pm

Due to the impending weather, we will be starting the afternoon session 1 hour earlier than planned, so the revised start time will be 3pm.

Saucebox Velodrome Cup Race Flier #sauceboxcup

We've got things set-up for the Saucebox Velodrome Cup coming up on the September 6th, you can read all of the racing details on the race flier over here:

Of note, there is some additional wording to our registration information:

Registration opens @ 1:30pm, closes @ 2:45pm
Riders not registered by 2:45pm will not be eligible for the first event in their category(A category TT, B and C category
scratch race heats)

So please plan ahead to get there well before 2:45pm to make sure you're able to race in all events, and to make our officials day that little bit smoother.

Womens Training Program

We've got dates set-up for our next session of womens training, which will be getting started next Monday evening 8/11 at 7:30pm till 9pm. This go-round of the program will last 3 weeks, from 8/11 till 8/25. This class will be for women of all ability levels, new riders will be able to use the class to become track certified, and experienced riders will be able to use the class as training for both their skills and fitness levels. All details can be seen over on the womens training page:

New Youth Racing Program

As part of our work to grow and expand our programs at the velodrome we are adding an expansion to our Youth Cycling League program with Youth Race nights to be held on the first Monday of each month. Racing will begin at 7pm on those Monday nights (after 30 minutes of U16 youth cycling session) and conclude around 8pm. Racing will be open for all Youth Cycling League eligible riders, we will categorize all of our youth into one of 3 categories, A, B or C, and we will score and track results in our website results system. We are excited for this addition to our programming and are hoping that we will be able to feature some great racing amongst all of our youth. The first race night will be this coming Monday evening, August 4th.

High School Racing Coming to The DLV

On the 23rd of August, in conjunction with the 2014 SECCC Track Cup p/b Georgia Tech Cycling, we will also be hosting a category for High School riders to unofficially represent their respective high schools. Any rider who is currently enrolled in high school(or home school) and is currently certified to race track will be eligible to race in that category. Rider are are other eligible but are not track certified will be able to participate in our certification class that day and will be eligible to race in the new rider races that evening to complete their certification. All details over here:

State Championship Information

Coming up on Saturday the 9th of August is the 2014 State Championships for Elite Men, Elite Women, Masters 40+ and Masters 50+. There area few things to note about the event, especially registration times, and a few other points that should cover everything you'll need to know to make it a successful day:
1. Please read the race flier. It contains answers to almost any question that you might have about the event, and if you have a questions that is not answered there, drop us a line, to ask. Flier is here:

2. Registration times. Registration will be open in the morning from 8am until 8:45am. If you are not registered BEFORE 8:45am you will not be able to race in any event during the morning session. Registration will re-open in the afternoon at 3pm and close at 3:45pm. We ask all riders to have their teams submitted at registration during this time.

3. Bring your race number. We only re-issue numbers for PRS events, so if you've already been issued a number this year, bring it with you, or you'll be assessed the $5 number replacement fee. If you haven't been issued a number this year, don't worry, we'll get you one when you register.

All the info can be read over on the State Championships page over here:

Working Mans Two Day Omnium Next Week

Next week(July 29th and 30th) on Tuesday and Wednesday will be our second and final Working Mans Two Day Omnium of the year. A few things to note so everyone will know what is happening:
1. Racing is for ALL categories on both days. We are planning 3 categories, A/B, B/C and D
2. There is no Madison this year
3. Read the schedule here:

2014 Swap Till You Drop! and Super Fun Day!

Saturday, October 25th

Well, we're getting in early and planning ahead for our fall swap meet, when we'll be back at it again for Swap Till You Drop! and Super Fun Day! Once again we'll be opening things up for individuals, bike shops and teams to come and hock their wares at the velodrome. And we'll be busting out the grass track racing, and the jousting sticks. So put October 25th in your calendar, read over here: for all of the info that you'll need and you can sign up using the form on that page too.

Pursuit Night Splits 7/8

Courtesy of John Dowd:
This Tuesday (July 8) I will setting up the timing system to get splits at different distances.

And here they are:

Outback Omnium Youth Cycling League Photos by Mike Waine

Outback Omnium Main Event Photos by Mike Waine

Outback Omnium Afternoon Session Photos by Mike Waine

Summer Weekend Certfication Class

We will be hosting a weekend certification class on Saturday and Sunday the 16th and 17th of August from 2pm-5pm both days. This will be the only weekend class that we will be running until the fall, so be sure to get in and get certified! As always, class cost is $60, and includes bike rental if you need it. Sign up can be done online over here: and you can read all about the classes over here:

New Tuesday Racing Category

We are adding a new category to our Tuesday massed start racing night. The new category will be a Restricted Gear category and will be open for all riders in category C and above. The category will have gear restrictions for B and A riders and they will be as such:
A Riders: 79" (47x16 or 50x17)
B Riders: 84" (47x15 or 50x16)
C Riders: Open gearing

We will make any necessary gearing adjustments based on need as we get a few race nights under our belt. So the Tuesday massed start racing categories will look like this:
D/Women C
Masters/Women B and A
Restricted Gear

A Category Masters will continue to be eligible to race in the masters category, with a reduced gear restriction down to 79"

Parks Law Need For Speed Sprints Photos by Mike Waine

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