Tonight's Youth Cycling Canceled 03/18

Due to the rain, the Youth Cycling events are canceled for tonight, 03/18.

2013 Pro Race Series Schedule

Here it is folks, the moment you've been waiting for, DLV's 2013 Pro Race Series schedule. Kicking of our PRS this year will once again be the Keirin on May 11th, and again presented by Ethic, Inc.. May's Need for Speed Sprints event will again be presented to us by Maxxis Tires. On to July it will be time for Outback Bikes to present 'The Omnium', and Parks Law will be our new sponsor of the July Need for Speed event. Moving on to September we will have a completely brand new event, the Velodrome Cup, which will be sponsored by Batdorf and Bronson. We are still working on the final details for this event, so stay tuned to see what is up! We are excited for the season to get going here shortly and we hope that you are too! Read all about it over here:

Saturday May 11th - Ethic, Inc. presents 'The Keirin'
Friday May 10th - Maxxis Need for Speed Sprints

Saturday July 13th - Outback Bikes presents 'The Omnium'
Friday July 10th - Parks Law Need for Speed Sprints

Saturday September 7th - Batdorf & Bronson Velodrome Cup
Friday September 6th - Need for Speed Sprints

Youth Cycling League is Cancelled Tonight Due to Rain 3/11

Due to the current rainy conditions, we are cancelling tonights Youth Cycling League session

New Waiver!

We've updated our waiver for this year and moving forward. We've fixed up a couple of typos and also made the entry fields editable. So if you feel like typing more than writing, just fill it out online, print it, sign it and bring it with you next time you come to the velodrome. If you've already signed a waiver for this year, there is no need to worry, we don't need another one from you. See the new version over here:

2013 Season Passes Now Available

2013 Season Passes are now available online over in our store: . Prices have not changed for any of our passes, but we have added the option to add a donation on to your season pass right from the store page, so feel free to make an additional contribution if you choose. All passes will be good through April 2014 and it is important to note that season passes are not refundable for any reason. If you think you might not fully use your season pass for some reason, it is recommended that you pay as you go for all of your racing and training sessions.

Discounted Blue Competition Cycles Track Frames

If you are in the market for a new frame and would also like to help out the velodrome, Blue Competition Cycles has some clearance track frames for sale for $375 for frame and fork, and for each frame sold, $25 will go to your nominated "home" velodrome. Just type Dick Lane Velodrome in the comments of your purchase and you'll be helping us out! Here is the link to purchase: and you can see their specs over here:

Youth Cycling League Kicks off on Monday 3/11

We know we are moving closer to the start of our season, as our 2013 Youth Cycling League will be kicking off next week. The kids will be back at it again with the same schedule that we had in 2012, no major changes to the program have been made. Youth U12 will once again ride from 5:30pm till 6:30pm and they'll be followed by the U16 kids from 6:30pm till 7:30pm. All the info for the program is here: and as with last year we are asking parents of kids from outside of the City of East Point to make a one time $50 donation if they are able. This is an optional donation to help keep the program funded and operational. If anyone else feels the need to make a donation, you can do so over at our donations page: . For reference, it costs the EPVA about $150 for each child that participates in the program and or about $230 for each session of the program that we run each year.

Tonights Womens Training is Cancelled Due to Rain 3/5

Due to the rainy conditions at the track right now, we are cancelling tonights Womens Training Session.

DLV Jersey Fitting Kit Available

We have a fitting kit available from Starlight Clothing for those folks who are interested in checking out the sizing of the new DLV Jerseys and Bib Shorts. The kit will be available this Tuesday and Wednesday evening. We will be placing the order at the end of the week so this will be your chance to get in early! Socks by DeFeet have now arrived and are now in stock and will be available at the velodrome from this Tuesday evening, so be sure to let us know if you are interested in purchasing those for $10 per pair. See them over here:

Wednesday Racing Changes

As we move closer towards the start of the season we want to keep everyone up to date with changes that we are making to help produce some great racing and great racers at the velodrome. The Wednesday racing program will undergo some changes mostly related to categorization. As a general rule for Wednesday nights this year we will be combining categories and just running two categories, A/B and B/C. The main goal behind this is the get folks more experience racing with larger groups, so that they will be better equipped to handle our(and other velodromes) larger events where the field size may be significantly bigger. We will have thresholds at which point we will split the categories back out to have A, B, and C. You can see the full program on the weekly racing page over here:

Thanks To Team Type 1

The EPVA would like to send out a huge thanks to Team Type 1 for their gracious donation of a whole bunch of brand new cycling clothing to the velodrome. The donation included a lot of jerseys, bib shorts, water bottles and socks. All of the smaller sized gear will be given to our Youth Cycling League kids to wear, and some of the larger sized clothing will be sold and the money donated back into our Youth Cycling League program.

Thanks to Our Work Day Crew

A small but efficient crew came out last saturday to get a few things done and we were able to complete all of the tasks that we set out to complete. Huge thanks to: Dave Schwalbach, Travis Neumuller, Kevin O'Donnell, Jeff Hopkins, Dennis Decker, Thomas Teichmann, Michael Barman, Chris Annunziatta, Christina Panella, Valentin Todorow, Evelyn Ewing and David Williams.

Get Your New DLV Cycling Kit!

For the first time we are bringing out our own jersey and bibs courtesy of the awesome folks over at Starlight Apparel. FOr the next couple of weeks we will be running a pre-sale before we place our order for the season. If you want to get in early jerseys will be available for $65($10 off normal price) and bibs will be $75(Same as normal price). We'll take pre-orders till March 4th, and then expect to have things arrive about 6 weeks after that. We are also getting a new run of DLV socks by DeFeet, those are in production right now, so if you want to get in early on those, just place your order and we'll get them to you as soon as they arrive.
Jerseys are here:
Bibshorts are here:
Socks are here:

Workday Reminder: This Saturday

Just a reminder that we are having our next workday this coming Saturday, so bring yourself and be ready to work!! We have a task list here: and a couple of notes:
If you have a really long ladder(as high as the judges stand), bring it please!
The podium boxes need to be sanded then painted, so if you have some sort of sanding apparatus, that would be handy.
Tools for clearing invasives, we have some, but more would be great, as well as gloves and long sleeves.

Spring Weekend Beginenrs Classes

We've set our dates for our Spring Weekend Beginners Classes, and here they are:

Saturday and Sunday March 2nd and 3rd, 2pm-5pm both days
Saturday and Sunday March 16th and 17th, 2pm-5pm both days

As always read all of the info on the beginners page:

And you can sign up for the classes online:

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