Ethic, Inc. presents 'The Keirin' Riders

We've got the field set for the Keirin coming up this saturday. Headlined by two time winner, Matt Baranoski, other favorites include Kevin "The Omnster" Mankser, The Jamaican Sensation Oneil Samuls, "Kryptonite" Kyle Knott and Thomas "The Clown" Brown. Some of our local heros will include The CHAZ, Twotone, Wayne "The Whiz" Whitesides and "Nitro" Joe Marshal. Check it out right here:

Tonights Session Are Cancelled Due to Rain 5/6

Due to the rain we are cancelling both of our Youth Cycling League sessions, and our Monday Night FIT class.

Volunteers Needed for The Keirin

We are looking for a few folks to help out with various tasks that we need taken care of at the Keirin. If you think you can help at any point during the day, either setting up from 11am-1pm, or afternoon or evening shifts during the event, please let us know,

Working Mans Two Day This Week!

This week we will be featuring the first of two Working Mans Two Day races at the velodrome. Tuesday and Wednesday races this week will feature a two day omnium and madison, with categories including: Madison, A/B, B/C, and D category. All categories will race both days, and the full schedule can be found over here:

Todays (4/28) Womens Class is Cancelled

Due to the rainy weather, we are cancelling todays womens class. We will try again next Sunday at 1pm!

Update Your Team Name

We need to be sure that we have everyone team name correct in our system in order for the team points allocations to work correctly, so please head on over here: to check if your team is correct. And a reminder that team points are only allocated on Wednesday night races, so if your name is not on the list, it may just be that you haven't competed in a wednesday night race yet. If you need your team name changed, drop us a line, .

New Caps and Coffee Is Back!

Here at the DLV headquarters, we've got some new caps in stock for the 2013 season! These new caps are grey colored and feature the velodrome logo on the front. You can purchase the new caps in the store over here:

We're also back and loaded up with Batdorf & Bronson's Brakeless Blend coffee for those connoisseur's so you'll be able to purchase coffee at the velodrome on any Wednesday evening at the races, or you can purchase online over here:

Pursuit Night Notes

With our first 2013 Pursuit night coming up tomorrow(Tuesday) night, we've got a few things of note for folks:
- Pursuit nights(and sprint nights) are open to all riders from category A through to Cat. D riders.
- You'll race your eligible distances for a Time Trial, Individual Pursuit and your choice of team event, Team Sprint or Team Pursuit. The only caveat here, is that only A riders will compete in a 4km pursuit. All other Elite age riders will ride 3km.

We also want to let everyone know that you can put the word out that you are looking for a team-mate for a team event, over in the forum: . Go hear to get things set-up before each pursuit night to make sure that you are able to make the most of the nights racing!

Womens Training Program Session #2

With the success of our first Womens Training Program this year, we are going to be running another 5 week session of classes. We will be running thew second group starting this coming sunday April 28th from 1pm till 3pm and each sunday for 5 weeks from there, on May 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th. Full details are over here:

Safety Reminder: Watch for the Pollen

It's that time of year again and time to warn everybody about the currently high levels of pollen. The track surface will be especially slick in the turns at the moment, so you will need to be riding quite a bit faster than usual. We will blow off the track as best we can during organized programming, but during all other times, you will need to be very careful.

Ethic, Inc. presents 'The Keirin' Race Flier

With the racing season getting underway last week, we are quickly headed towards our first Pro Race Series event of the year, when Ethic, Inc presents 'The Keirin'. The flier for the race is now loaded up online, and you can see the plan for all of the action over here: . As with since the beginning of the Pro Race keirin, 12 riders will be selected to compete in 'The Keirin' tournament, so if you would like to be considered for inclusion in the 12 rider keirin field, be sure to send your request to Jeff Hopkins for consideration,

Tongihts Youth and Beginners Sessions are Cancelled 4/4

Due to the wet conditions we are cancelling all of tonights activities.

Tonights Racing is Cancelled Due To Rain

Due to the rain tonight's racing is cancelled

Thanks to Our Workday Crew

A huge thanks to all the folks that came out for our workday last Saturday. We had a great day, installed a new red line around the track, as well as touching up the finish line and 200m line. Plenty of other tasks were completed, and we'd like to thank those that came out: Andy Bailie, Bill Thomsen, Chad Conley, Charde Edney, Chris Annunziata, David Williams, Evelyn Ewing, Freddy Edney, Jeff Hopkins, John Dowd, John Tomlinson, Jon Woodroof, Leon Waine, Michael Barman, Mike Waine, Muse Davis, Peter Antonvich, Ronnie Bratcher, Terrick Munn, Thomas Teichmann, Troy Waine, Lucius Williams, Mike Edwards and Valentin Todorow.

Workday Notes: Portable Generator Needed to Borrow

One of our workday tasks this coming saturday will be to run cables for our electronic timing system. As part of that we need to do some soldering and heat-gunning of the wires, and thus need some portable power to be able to solder wires around on the back straight of the track. If you have such a device and would be able to bring it down on Saturday, that would be extremely helpful. Please drop us a line if you can do it so we'll know if we need to make some other arrangements,

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