Monday Night FIT Classes Are Cancelled

Due to lack of attendence we will not be holding any more Monday Night FIT classes for the remainder of the season. We will re-asses the program during the off-season to asses whether we will continue it for the 2014 season.

State Championship Notes

We have a few notes relating to the state championships coming up this weekend:

1. Please read the race flier, it will contain answers to most questions and you will have an idea of what is happening if you read it. If you print it and bring it with you on race day, you will also have a complete schedule of events. Flier is here:

2. This race is sanctioned by USA Cycling. As such all riders will need either a USAC annual racing license, or pay a $10 one day license fee. You will need to have your license physically with you, or some other type of confirmation of such, otherwise you will have to pay the one day license fee.

3. Numbers: Will not be re-issued for this event, so BRING YOUR RACE NUMBER with you. Numbers are only re-issued for PRS events. If you need a re-issue of a number it will cost you $5.

4. Categories: ALL riders must have completed a beginner’s course at the DLV or another velodrome, to be eligible to race. No exceptions. No DLV D riders will be eligible to race massed start events in any division.

5. Team Events: Registration for team events will close at the beginning of the afternoon session. You will have the morning to organize your teams, but you must have your team rosters submitted to race officials in the judges stand before the 4pm start of the afternoon session. You could also use the forums on the website here to get your teams together.

If anything is unclear, please let us know,

Batdorf & Bronson Velodrome Cup Race Flier

We've got the race flier loaded up for the third Pro Race Series event of the year, the Batdorf & Bronson Velodrome Cup. There are a multitude of new things for the A category in the event, and some of those are as follows:
1. Points Scoring: Points scoring for the omnium will be a modified international omnium format(we might dub it International DLV Omnium?). Points will score 15 places deep, with the winner of each event scoring 15pts, then 14pts for 2nd and 1 point steps till 15th place gets 1 point. All other finishers will receive zero points. NON FINISHERS of any event will be penalized 5 points.
2. New Events: There are a couple of new events that we'll be running as part of the omnium:
Reverse Snowball-Big points at the beginning, and points trailing off towards the end of the race.
3Lap "Merckx" TT - This will be actually 3 laps, not a kilo, and aero bars will not be allowed. All other "regular" aero equipment will be fair game, just no aero bars.

Most of the other events are regular events at the DLV, here is the full list:
1 Mercx 3 Lap TT
2 30 Lap Split Scratch
3 60 Lap Points Race
4 Flying 1 Lap TT
5 15 Lap Reverse Snowball
6 15 Lap Win and Out
7 Miss and Out
8 1 Mile Scratch

B and C category races will remain mostly unchanged for this upcoming event.

Check out the race flier here:

New Event: Collegiate Track Cup August 24th

We're bringing collegiate racing back to the DLV for 2013 courtesy of the Georgia Tech Cycling Club, with the Collegiate Track Cup. In addition to the racing portion of the Collegiate Track Cup, we will also be running a special beginners class for those riders who wish to become certified for racing track. For more info, check over here:

Special Notice To All Riders


We have seen a number of chainring bolts both on the apron of the track, in the pavilion area and in the parking lot, so before your next ride at the track please be sure to check that all of your chainring bolts are:
A. Present and accounted for
B. Tight enough to remain that way!

Reminder: Working Mans Two Day This Week!

A reminder to everyone that this week we will be holding our second(and final) Working Mans Two Day this Tuesday and Wednesday. Racing both nights will be for ALL CATEGORIES, Beginners included. Check the schedule of events and all of the details over here:

Thanks to All for A Great Outback Omnium

A huge thanks out from the EPVA to everyone for a great weekend of racing. Specials thanks to all of our volunteers who did a great job in helping everything run smoothly on the day of both events, to all of our spectators that came out to witness a great show by our riders, all the racers who came out and put on a great show, and of course our fantastic sponsors, Outback Bikes for Saturdays event and Parks Law for Friday nights event. And of course all of our velodrome sponsors, listed to the right here, thanks!!

Now Accepting Credit Cards

We tested it out at our first Pro Race Series event of the year and things seemed to work well, so it's time to spread the word that we are now accepting credit cards! We are working with the Square Up app, and will have devices at the front gate, merchandise tent and in concessions to accept your credit cards.

Outback Bikes presents 'The Omnium' Food Menu

Omnium pulled pork plate- Pulled pork sandwich topped with Asian slaw and a side of Cilantro Lime potato salad- $9.00 (plate) or $7.00 sandwich only

Grilled Chicken sandwich- Grilled coconut chicken tenders, Asian slaw, and Mayo on a toasted hoagie roll- $7.00

Roasted Veggie Wrap- Roasted Red, orange and yellow bell peppers, Yellow squash, Zucchini and portabellos mushrooms wrapped in a flour tortilla- $7.00

Chicken Nachos- Chicken, black beans, cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream- $7.00

Beef Hot Dogs w/ all the fixin's-$2.00
Brownies and Brownie Sundae's- $2.00 brownie only and $3.00 for the Sundae's
Assorted Cupcakes- $2.00
Assorted Beverages - Gatorade, Soda's - $2
Water - $1

Volunteers Needed for The Omnium

We are looking for a few folks to help round out our volunteer crew for the Omnium. If you think you can help at any point during the day, either setting up from 11am-1pm, or afternoon or evening shifts during the event, please let us know,

Racing is Cancelled for Tonight 7/3

Due to more rain coming through we are cancelling tonights racing.

Tennessee Joining Our State Track Champs

Although Tennessee was part of our state track championships last year, it took us a little while to get confirmation from them that they will once again join us to hand out championships for the best track riders from the volunteer state. More info about the championships over here:

Bike Rite Summer Camp Visited Us Last Week

A huge thanks for the Bike Rite summer camp kids for coming to visit and ride at the velodrome. 12 kids and two coaches came out and gave it a go, everyone had a great time learning to ride the velodrome! More info on the Bike Rite summer camp is over here:

New Track Record

Congratulations go out to Cheryl Fuller-Muller for breaking the Womens 2000m Individual Pursuit Record last night. Cheryl rode a time of 2:53.06 to best the old record, which Cheryl previously held, by a little over a second.

Outback Bikes presents 'The Omnium' FREE ADMISSION COUPON!

Once again this year Outback Bikes will be offering a Free Admission coupon to come and catch the action at the Omnium! Coupons can be printed from the Outback Bikes website: . Just print the coupon, fill it out and present it at the gate on July 13th.

The fine print: One coupon required per person, coupon must be completed and presented to redeem free admission.

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