New Event: Womens Velodrome Challenge

Sunday April 13th 2014, 3pm

Hosted by LWalkerCycling and the East Point Track Club, this will be a USAC insured event

A brand new event for 2014, we're introducing our Womens Velodrome Challenge, which will include 4 different categories for women, racing for junior riders, and a chance for those with tandems to dust them off an bring them down to get racing in our open tandem category. You can read more about it over here:

We Need Donations for Track Repair!

We Made It!! A huge thanks to all who donated, and we'll see everyone at the velodrome on the 8th to get the repairs rolling!

As mentioned in an earlier post, we are planning a major track repair to get the jump/bump fixed in turn 2. As with all major repairs, this repair will need a lot of things in order to happen, and get our track back to it's riding best. In addition to volunteers time to complete the repair, the costs for this repair are fairly significant, and expected to cost the velodrome association around $1,300 to complete. We are seeking donations from folks who wish to contribute to this repair. The result of the work will allow us to have a properly functioning and smooth(er)/ish track to ride and race on. So either head over to the donation page: , paypal us directly, , send us a check in the mail, or bring cash with you to the velodrome. We would like to be able to collect a good portion of the money before the workday on the 8th. The donatometer on the left will let you know how we are doing with the collections.

Womens Training Program

Back for 2014 the Dick Lane Velodrome will be running a 5 week Womens Training Program on Tuesday nights starting on the 26th of February and running through the first Tuesday race night on the 1st of April. This program is aimed at any woman of any track cycling level. We will have specific skills, drills and workouts that will suit everyone from beginners, through advanced track cyclists. The 5 week class will also serve as a beginners certification for those women who are new to the track. We are expecting to split each session into 3 groups, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced with each group working on ability -specific skills during each of the sessions.

Details over here:

2014 Season Pass Discounts

The EPVA board has come up with some new incentives for those wishing to purchase a one pass this year. These discounts will be offered for One Pass purchases only:
Workday discount: As always we will be offering the $50 discount for those folks that complete two workdays. See list below for those that have qualified already.
Early Bird Discount: New for this year we will be offering a $25 early bird discount. This offer will be available between now and the March 8th workday, and is stackable with the workday discount, so those eligible would receive a total of $75 off their one pass. This discount may only be redeemed by check, either by mail to PO Box 93245, Atlanta GA 30377, or in person at the velodrome during one of our sessions. The last day to get this discount will be at the March 8th workday, and it is only available for discount of the one pass.
New Rider Discount: Also new for this year we will be offering a 50% discounted pass for newly certified velodrome riders. This pass will be able to be redeemed one time in a riders career, during their first season of racing. This discount will supersede the previous certification class discount deal.

Work Day discount qualifiers:
Kevin O'Donnell, David Williams, Bill Thomsen, Doug White, Mike Waine, David Schwalbach, Thomas Teichmann, Mike Barman.
If your name is not on this list, and you think it should be, please let us know,

Please note that if you are in a class that already has a discount offered(Junior, Collegiate etc.) you won't be eligible for any further discounts on those passes.

Spring Work Day, Saturday March 8th

We are planning out our next workday, which will be happening on Saturday March 8th from 9am till around 3pm.

Important note: We are planning a MAJOR track repair session of the hiccup in turn 2. We will need all hands on deck for the day to get done what we need to get done. As mentioned the repair is major, and will take several days to complete, even after the workday. During this time the track will be closed for riding, until at least Thursday March 13th, barring any major complications with the repair. We will also be doing a fundraising drive through till the repair to try to cover some of those costs. We are working on figuring out the exact cost of the repair so that we can take a shot at raising some funds for it, so keep an eye out for that info in the next couple of days.

We will also publish the full repair job list once we've gotten it fully nailed down. This day will be your last chance to get workdays done before the season begins to receive a $50 discount on your season pass.

Winter Training is Cancelled Tonight 2/5

Due to the lack of temperature, we are cancelling tonights winter training session. We'll give it another try next week.

Winter Training is Cancelled Tonight - 1/29

It's probably self evident at this point, but winter training is cancelled tonight. We hope everyone has been able to stay safe in the current weather conditions.

Winter Training is Cancelled Tonight

Due to the lack of temperature, tonights winter training session is cancelled.

Spring Weekend Beginner Class Dates

We've set the dates for our Spring weekend beginner classes to be held in March. Those dates are:
Class #1 - March 1st and 2nd, 2pm-5pm both days
Class #2 - March 29th and 30th, 2pm-5pm both days

Read more about the certification over here: and you can sign up online over here: . Be sure to put in the notes section which class you are planning to attend.

If these dates don't work for you, we will be kicking off our regular season Thursday night classes on the 3rd pf April. Those classes can also be signed up for online.

Winter Training is On Tonight

Due to the temperature being a balmy 41degrees, winter training will be happening tonight.

New Year Waiver Reminder

Just a reminder to all users of the velodrome, since it is a new year we need new waivers to be signed BEFORE you ride on the track this year. If you are planning to be at the velodrome outside of our winter training sessions, please print, sign and email a copy of the waiver to . You can see the waiver here: . We will also need to get the signed original from you as well, so if you email a copy to us, then you can slide your signed copy under the door of the bike room for us to collect. Also please note that if you are riding at the velodrome outside of our current winter training, you are still expected to pay your usage fees. If you have a 2013 season pass, that will be good for you through the end of March and the beginning of the new season. If you didn't have a season pass, you can either pay $5 per day, or get yourself a winter training pass, which will be good through the end of March. You can do all that online over here:
It's important to note that all usage fees go directly back to keeping the gates of the velodrome open, and the facility functioning as it does, so please be mindful of the fact that you are only helping yourself have a place to ride by keeping up with your riding fees.

Tonights Training Information

Just a quite note about tonights training session. Ordinarily if the temperature is over 40 degreees at 6pm on our weather station we would move forward with the session. Currently our weather station is experiencing some difficulties, so we're going to be keeping an eye on the weather from the airport, which can be seen by following this link:

So if the weather is above 40 at 6pm, the session will go ahead as planned.

Thanks to the Atlanta Falcons

A huge thanks to the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation for sending us tickets and sideline passes to catch the Falcons play in their season finale last Sunday afternoon. We were fortunate enough to take 8 of our Youth Cycling League kids to the game and they got to watch warm-ups from the sidelines and then watch the game from the stands.

2014 Winter Training

With the new year rolling around soon, we are getting things set-up to get the ball rolling for 2014. We'll be kicking off Winter training on the 8th of January. As in previous years the following applies:
1. Sessions run each Wednesday from 7pm till 8:30pm
2. Session are open for all, and open for whatever training you'd like to partake in
3. Sessions will only happen if the temperature is above 40deg at 6pm on the velodrome thermometer:
4. Everyone will need to sign a new waiver for 2014:
5. Everyone will be required to sign in, and the daily training fee will be $5 unless you have a season pass.

Tomorrow's Workday

The weather is looking a little dicey for tomorrows workday, but we are still going to plan on being there, we have a few tasks that can be completed indoors. We expect it will more than likely only take us a couple of hours to complete those tasks, so once we get those done we'll call it a day. Hope to see a handful of your tomorrow!

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