Youth Cycling League is still on for tonight

YCL is still on for tonight 8-20. The track is dry and the apron is almost dry. We'll have a combined 6:30 session for everyone.

And.....Weds Night Racing Is Cancelled

Sorry, no racing tonight. Maybe we'll get out of the soup soon.

Tuesday Night Racing Cancelled

We're not confident the track will dry out after this storm that's just now passing over so we're canceling the racing for tonight.

Track Is Open

The hazard on the track has been cleared. Ride on!

Thursday Night YCL and Programs Cancelled & Track Closed Until Further Notice

The pop-up storm that moved over East Point brought down a limb on our power lines to the lights in turn four and then down onto the track. Until we can get some one to the track to identify if the line is live or not the track is closed until further notice. We have been in touch with the city of East Point and will update the status as we know it.

Record Day = September 19th!

As promised, September 19th will be the First Annual DLV Record Day. Below is the sign up form for Record Day. We are doing something a little different than just having it be all Hour Record. We are also going to allow for record attempts at the distance you wish to go. These are the actual metric distances of the track and not laps as programming is currently run.

First some rules:

After you reserve your place. You will have one(1) week to send in the fee to confirm your slot. Hour Record slots will be $250 and other record attempts will be $50. If you do not confirm your spot within a week, your slot will be made available to others.

Yes. Record Attempts are age graded.

You will get only one(1) attempt at setting the record for the distance of your choice per time slot. Make sure your 6 P's are in order for your equipment, clothing, nutrition and body. No re-rides.

You are allowed to attempt multiple distances. But you will have to pay the fee for each attempt. If you wish to have two attempts at same distance you will need to reserve two slots and pay for both. Only one attempt allowed per time slot.

No warming up on track while other's attempts are in progress. You should plan to bring a road bike, trainer or rollers to warm-up on until it is your time for the attempt. All riders will get at least 5 laps on the track to make sure they are sorted and ready to ride.

No audio equipment of any kind can be worn while on the track.

Please be on time. Missed start times will not be re-run.

If all the slots are filled for your desired attempt please put your name on the waitlist to see if slots open, or we add slots on Sunday.

If you can't see the form please click the link below:

Track Canceled Tonight

It looks like with the storms that already passed through and the ones bearing down we're going to go ahead and cancel all programming for tonight 8-6-2015

Velodrome Cup Flier now available

Hot off the PDF converter is the 2015 Velodrome Cup flier! With a schedule of races that will challenge all, I'm not sure we'll get a clear idea of a winner until the last race is done and dusted!

Please Be Prompt

We really hate to have to post a message like this, but we are going to have to ask that if you cannot make it to the velodrome at the appointed time for our programming to start that you try to make it the following week. We can try and be flexible, but once racing and timing has started, interrupting our judges and volunteers who run the nights so you can get signed in for the night causes mistakes and errors and is not fair to those who make it on time. Again, sorry to have to post this, but thanks for understanding.

New Requirements for Visiting Riders to DLV

We will be implementing a new policy regarding visiting riders ahead of this weekend's Pro Race Series event. Regardless of what category your USAC License says, if you have not raced on the DLV at least four times in the last two years you will be required to present a race resume with references to be allowed to race at the velodrome at Pro Race Series or weekly events. Your race resume (not USAC category) will determine which ATRA category we will place you in. If you have not completed a certification class at our velodrome or any other velodrome you will not be allowed to race regardless of what your track category is. This mainly applies to visiting riders but also to local riders who may not have raced the DLV in many years. No resume. No racing. No exceptions. If you have any questions please email [email protected] well in advance of your travel or desire to race.

Racing Cancelled For Tonight

Sorry racing is cancelled for tonight, we'll everyone racing next week! Especially for the the Pro Race!

State Championship Flyer Is Up

Please read the flyer carefully for the State Championships. Junior State Champs have been moved to August 22nd with the SECCC.

Call for Volunteers

Our Pro Race Series Event in July needs a few good volunteers to help us make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible. If you are free the afternoon and/or evening of July 11th we could use help in many areas from set-up to tear-down to gates and concessions and merchandise. We could even use a few people in the days eading up to the event to get the track in sparkling shape. Please send me an email [email protected] to help us make this event a success.

YCL and Women's Training Canceled Tonight

With the bad storms moving through we think it's prudent to cancel all programs for this evening!

Reminder: June Beginner's Certification This Weekend

Just a reminder, our June certification class will be this weekend June 20th and 21st from 1-4p.m.

You can find out more about how to sign up here:

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