Safety Reminder: Service Your Bike!

Just a quick safety reminder to everyone who hasn't ridden their track bikes this year and also to anyone who has, please give your bikes a good service before the next weeks season kick off on Tuesday. Over the past number of years we've seen chainrings fall off, handlebars come loose, tires puncture, tire roll off, pedals come off, cogs come loose and various other preventable mechanical failures. Yes all these things have happened before, and yes you should be sure to either give your bike a real good once over yourself if you are mechanically inclined. Or drop it off at your friendly velodrome sponsor bike shop to have it serviced.

On the equipment front, we will be paying special attention to those whose bikes are out of safety spec and if you bike is not properly equipped to race, then you will be asked to take a break until your machine is up to acceptable specifications. Items of particular concern are quick release skewers, and making sure handlebar plugs are in place, among other things. If your bike is not compliant right now, you should take some time between now and tuesday to make it so. if you're not sure, ask us and we'll let you know,

40th Anniversary Logo and New Look Website

Well, a huge thanks to Wayne Whitesides and his crew over at long time velodrome sponsor, Ethic, Inc for their most excellent work in coming up with our 40th Anniversary logo and website re-design. If you're reading this, you're probably already looking at the website, so we shouldn't have to show you that part, but check out the 40th Anniversary logo below:

Georgia Rides To The Capitol, Tuesday 18th March

Join the East Point Velodrome Association for a 10:45am departure from the Dick Lane Velodrome. Ride will be approximately 8 miles at 12MPH. We will link up with the Roswell and Decatur routes at the Hurt Park merge point. For more information, contact Jeff Hopkins at or 404-769-0012.

Tuesday Racing Changes

We have a few small minor changes to our Tuesday racing program for the coming season. The first change, is that we are opening up the Masters racing category to include A riders, but they will be limited to an 81" gear for those nights. This should keep the competition more even amongst everyone, and give those A masters a chance to race an extra few nights a month.

The other change is the ordering of the nights, with Pursuit night moving to the second Tuesday each month, and Sprints being pushed to the fourth Tuesday. You can read all about it over here:

Track Will Re-Open Tuesday March 18th

As part of our repair project we are planning to re-open the track next Tuesday March 18th. Please note that the track will remain unridable until then, so please do not plan to come and ride at the velodrome during the closure.

Of course if you'd like to help out getting things back in order, we'll be working to clean up this coming Saturday from 1pm till around 4pm.

Track Repair Update

We have an update from our track repair pour day yesterday. Everything went completely according to plan during the pour yesterday, so much so that the job was completed much earlier than we had first anticipated. So that part is great news! From here the track will remain closed until Tuesday March 18th to give the concrete time to cure enough to be able to handle use. During this time we still have some work to do to get things back in order and ready to ride.

We are planning to be at the velodrome this coming Saturday afternoon from 1pm till around 4pm to get things cleaned up. Tasks that still need to be completed are putting the boards and rails back up, sweeping/cleaning the track area near the repair and moving the concrete debris away from the apron. If you have a few spare hours to lend, that would be great!

On the repair front, the EPVA would like to through out an enormous thank you to Carson and Christina Panella. They've worked tirelessly over the last few weeks planning the repair, in addition to volunteering their own time to get it completed, so a huge thanks to you guys for your efforts. A special mention also to Russell Baggett for lending his time, expertise and tools to help us get things completed.

And of course, in all the rush this week, we didn't get to thank all of our volunteers who came out for the work day on Saturday, so thanks to Chris Annunziata, Mike Barman, Jeff Hopkins, Travis Neumuller, Andy Bailie, Tom Cross, Thomas Cross, Charlie Cross, Connie Lombardo, Dennis Decker, John Dowd, Emeline Renz, Jacob Smith, Lucius Williams, John Tomlinson, Jason Jones, Patrick Cambre, Valentin Todorow, Kevin O'Donnell, Erich Netherton, Russell Bagget, Lori Walker, Christina Panella, Ed Walker, Carson Panella.

Reserve Your Race Number

Ok folks, we've had plenty of questions about this, but here it is, time to reserve your race number. We are going to do things a little differently this year. We had some problems in the last year or two with multiple reservations of the same number, this is where the changes will be made. If two people reserve the same number, preference will stay with the person who had that number last year, as long as they elect to reserve that number again, and do so before the 26th of March. At that time, it'll be a free-for-all, first in best dressed until the first race of the season on the 1st of April. So get your submission on in the form below, and on the 26th we'll let folks know if they will need to choose a different number that may have been reserved by a current number holder. Reservations are available for any number from 3-100!!

Tomorrow's Track Pour Day Update

Just an update for tomorrow's concrete pouring session. As things stand right now, we are all set for all of the man-power than we need to get things done tomorrow, so for those that may have been able to plan to come and help out, we'd like to politely decline your assistance this go-around. We should have an update on the situation on Wednesday and at that time we should be able to set a date for the track to re-open.

Track Is Closed Until Further Notice

As of yesterday, the track will be closed until further notice. We are repairing a portion of the track surface and will advise whe the track will be open and ridable again. We expect the track to be closed for at least a week.

Workday Reminder and Task List

Just a reminder that this coming Saturday we will be hosting a workday, and it will be the big track repair work day. We've got the task list posted over here: for you to check out.

We do need some additional equipment if you have it and are able to transport it, we would like to have another wheelbarrow or two, mattock/pick, garden rake, shovel and seed spreader for spreading fire ant bait, courtesy of AMDRO!.

As part of the track repair process, we will be doing the demolition of the track this saturday with the plan to prepare things for pouring. We are planning to be back out on Tuesday to pour the concrete and finish the job, so if you have a flexible enough work schedule and feel like you could lend a hand, we would love to be able to see you again for that day.

Tonights Womens Training Session Is Cancelled

Due to the lack of temperature we are cancelling tonights womens training session(3/4). We also wanted to remind all of our women that there will be no session next week due to the track closure, but we are planning to be back at it the following week on the 18th of March. We hope to see everyone then!

Last Chance to Sign Up for Tomorrow Certification Class

Today is your last chance to sign up for this weekends certification class, so if you were thinking of joining us for the class, head over here and get your sign-up on:

Youth Cycling League Begins March 31st

For 2014 we will be kicking off our Youth Cycling League program starting Monday the 31st of March. This start date is a little later start than usual but we are making sure to allow some extra time to make sure that we are well wrapped up with our track repair before kicking off the program. As always, you can read all about the program over here:

New Event: Womens Velodrome Challenge

Sunday April 13th 2014, 3pm

Hosted by LWalkerCycling and the East Point Track Club, this will be a USAC insured event

A brand new event for 2014, we're introducing our Womens Velodrome Challenge, which will include 4 different categories for women, racing for junior riders, and a chance for those with tandems to dust them off an bring them down to get racing in our open tandem category. You can read more about it over here:

We Need Donations for Track Repair!

We Made It!! A huge thanks to all who donated, and we'll see everyone at the velodrome on the 8th to get the repairs rolling!

As mentioned in an earlier post, we are planning a major track repair to get the jump/bump fixed in turn 2. As with all major repairs, this repair will need a lot of things in order to happen, and get our track back to it's riding best. In addition to volunteers time to complete the repair, the costs for this repair are fairly significant, and expected to cost the velodrome association around $1,300 to complete. We are seeking donations from folks who wish to contribute to this repair. The result of the work will allow us to have a properly functioning and smooth(er)/ish track to ride and race on. So either head over to the donation page: , paypal us directly, , send us a check in the mail, or bring cash with you to the velodrome. We would like to be able to collect a good portion of the money before the workday on the 8th. The donatometer on the left will let you know how we are doing with the collections.

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