2014 Sponsorship Drive

The sponsorship drive for the coming season 2014 racing season is underway here at the DLV headquarters. If you, or someone you know is interested in supporting the velodrome and everything that we do here, please drop a line to Jeff Hopkins via email, jeff@dicklanevelodrome.com , or phone 404 769 0012 to discuss ways that you and/or your company can support us.

Thanks to Our Workday'ers!

A huge thanks to our workday crew for coming out to get some jobs done around the place. We had a good day cleaning up and repairing, so thanks to Bill Thomsen, Salma Huque, Andy Bailie, Jeff Hopkins, Mike Waine, Mikey Waine, Leon Waine, Troy Waine, Kevin O'Donnell, Mikey Jencks, David Schwalbach, Thomas S Teichmann, Emeline Renz, David Williams, Doug White, Michael Barman, Mark Oestreich, Nick Oestreich and John Tomlinson. Every one who attended is just one workday closer to earning their 2014 season pass discount. We'll be back at it again on the 14th of December, hope to see you there!

DLV Learning Center - Fill Your Tool Kit

With Christmas coming up soon, now is a great time to review the necessary tools that most should have in their tool bags, and if you're missing a few, it'll be a great time to drop some subtle or not so subtle hints to those loved ones who are searching for the perfect gift for you. Here's the list:

15mm Combination wrench
Will do wheel nuts and pedals
4,5,6 and 8mm Allen wrenches
Will do chainring bolts, handlebars, stems, seast, seatposts, cranks and some pedals(and wheel nuts sometimes too!)
Chain Whip
There are two sizes of chains outs there, so make sure you get one with the correct size chain on it. Also, this shimano version has a built in lock ring tool
Lockring Tool
For taking lockrings off your wheels. Also, see above for combination tool
Chainring Nut Wrench
For holding the back nuts of your chainring bolts. It is also useful to epoxy your chainring bolts to your crankarms.
Small Reversible Screwdriver
Will fit the cleats screws on your shoes
Small Pliers

Workday Task List November 2013

Task list for November 16th Workday

Regular Tasks
Clean/Repair/Replace? Gutters
Fix concrete on warm-up track
Patch track surface
Remove old sponsor logos
Check boards bolts and replace broken plastic clips
Clear trees of invasive vines
Rake and bag leaves
Pressure wash judges stand
Grind and Paint bike racks

Special Tasks
Change pressure washer oil
Sort race numbers
Caulk gap between apron and track on front and back straights
Fix electrical outlet in pavilion
Check drainage in front straight

Specialty Tools that We Need if You Can Bring Them:
Angle grinder
Equipment for changing pressure washer oil
Caulk guns(several of these would be helpful)

Would you pay a nominal fee to have a fabric yearly race number instead of paper?

Yes, that sounds awesome, I'll pay any amount!
27% (4 votes)
Yes I would, but I'd only pay $5 max
33% (5 votes)
No, that's ridiculous, hit me with the paper, baby!
40% (6 votes)
Total votes: 15

Watch Us on GPB's Georgia Traveler

Phil from GPB's Georgia Traveler visited us a little while ago and got on the track to turn a few laps. He's the clip from the show:


Whats on Sale Tomorrow

October 26th 2013, 2pm till 6pm

Here is a bit of a rundown of things that will be up for grabs tomorrow that the velodrome will be selling:
Used jerseys, shorts, gloves, socks, leg warmers, arm warmers going for $5ea ; skinsuits, winter jackets, used shoes, other winter gear going for $10, new rudy project helmets, new pairs of shoes going for $20, other random bikes parts including fsa carbon cranks, locks with no keys, used road chaninrings, giro aero helmet, cinelli aero bars. We will also be moving along a few track bikes, 56cm Fuji Track Pro ready to ride $500, 2 x 49cm basic steel track bikes ready to ride $300ea.

Other stuff that will be there for sale:
Road bikes, track bikes, old bikes, former Pro Bikes, disc wheels, track frames, road frames, did we mention former Pro gear? track parts and accessories, road parts and accessories, old bike parts and accessories(https://www.facebook.com/AmericanVintageBicycleSupply), training gear, chainrings, cogs, surely some wheels, and plenty of former Pro racing equipment as well.

There should be plenty of bargains to be had, so come on down to join in the bargain hunting. We'll also have the fun time activities happening, including the Swap Meet Triathlon: grass track racing, bike jousting and gold sprints. Fun time schedule is as follows:
3pm: Grass Track Racing
4pm: Jousting
5pm: Gold Sprints
We'll have Maxxis prizes for the triathlon winners, and it will only cost you $5 to participate in as many events as you want, so come on out and get your fun on!!

We'll also have the coffee brewing and popcorn popping, and have sodas and water for sale. Side note from all, is that all of the funds raised from this event go directly to supporting our Youth Cycling League program.

One Volunteer Needed

We are looking for one more person to lend a hand on Saturday for the swap meet. If you think you can be available from 1:00pm till 6pm, please let us know, jeff@dicklanevelodrome.com

Reminder for Sellers to Sign Up

Just a reminder to folks planning to sell their wares on saturday at our Swap Till You Drop event, please let us know you're coming! Drop us a line, jeff@dicklanevelodrome.com and let us know whether you'd like a drive-in spot, or walk-in spot and whether you'll need to rent tables/chairs form us as well.

This Week on GPB's Georgia Traveler

This Week on Georgia Traveler

It’s the Premier of Season 7!
This week on Georgia Traveler. . . “Speed and Feed” …. We journey to Morgantown with Host David Zelski to drive big tank and crush cars at Tank Town USA. It’s a food extravaganza with Host Christine Van Blokland where she takes us on a culinary tour through Augusta. Next, we travel to East Point with Host Phil Proctor where he discovers a high speed adventure on two wheels at the Dick Lane Velodrome. Later it’s, farming, feasting and fun times at the family run Hunter Cattle Company. And we join Host Ashley Mengwasser in Athens at The University of Georgia where we explore the gardens and discover a few historical gems.

All that and more . . . on the Season 7 Premiere of Georgia Traveler.

Georgia Traveler Episode “Speed and Feed”, Premieres Saturday October 26, at 6:30pm on GPB followed by an encore on Sunday, October 27 at 7:00 PM.

For more information about upcoming episodes, check out our website at:
Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/gpbgatraveler
& Twitter @GeorgiaTraveler
Georgia Traveler is produced in partnership with the Georgia Department of Economic Development. Check out the Georgia Tourism website at: http://www.exploregeorgia.org/

Youth Cycling League Is Cancelled Tonight 10/17

Due to the weather tonights Youth Cycling League sessions are cancelled

Fall Workdays

We've got some dates set-up for fall workdays, we will be having two workdays to get things cleaned up and a few projects done to improve operations and maintain the velodrome. Dates will be:

Saturday November 16th, 9am-3pm
Saturday December 14th, 9am-3pm

As always, attending two workdays will get you a $50 discount on your 2014 One Pass, so get in early to make sure you can get those days completed before the next season.

Closer to the first date, we'll post a task list so if you have specific skills and tools for some of those jobs, we'd love to see you!

Fall Weekend Beginners Class

We've set the schedule for our Fall Weekend Beginners Class, it will be happening on the Saturday 19th and Sunday the 20th of October from 2pm till 5pm both days. If you are interested in joining us for the class, you can sign-up online over here: http://www.dicklanevelodrome.com/node/805 if you have questions about the class, read our beginners page over here: http://www.dicklanevelodrome.com/pages/beginnerprogram.html and if you don't find answers there, feel free to drop us an email, jeff@dicklanevelodrome.com .

End of Season and Riders of the Year

With our adult racing season having drawn to a close this week, we have our official winners of our Men's and Women's Rider of the Year and the Team of the Year. Mikey Waine made 2013 his own in the Men's championship with some strong performances in the B category on his way up to finishing out the season in the A's. Christina Panella took the women's championship after being close a number of times in the past few years. Team of the Year was won by the East Point Track Club, backing their win from 2011. We'll be celebrating and presenting our winners at the End of Season Party on the 12th, as well as introducing a few new awards, including Rookie of the Year, Most improved and Volunteer of the Year. We would especially like to thank everyone who came out to race this year, came out to watch and of course all of our fantastic volunteers, sponsors and staff for another great year at the velodrome.

Some New Track Records

At last weekends Velodrome Cup event we set a few new track records. Flying lap records were posted in both the mens and womens categories, with Matt Robbins riding 19.376 to set the mens record and Cheryl Fuller-Muller clocking 22.041 to set the womens record. The 1 mile scratch race record was also set, with Thomas Brown holding that record at 2m07.87s. See all of our track records over here: http://www.dicklanevelodrome.com/pages/records.html

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