Thoughts on the DLV Hour Record

Here are some thoughts on the DLV Hour Record we hinted at last month. We are going to pick a weekend, most likely in the beginning of October, and run up to 5 attempts a day for two days. We have set the cost at $250 per attempt. We will have a sign up for the 10 spots on a first come first served basis. Since we are anticipating several folks wanting to take a run at the record we just can't cater to specific times or dates, sorry in advance. On the upside, the record that day will stand for a while. We will have open and age graded categories as well as a Merckx category.

We will make a post sometime in mid-summer about signing up. The first 10 to sign-up will then have 1-week to pay for the spot to hold it. If you do not pay for your spot in that time frame it will go to the 11th sign-up, and so on and so forth. Slots are Non-Transferable. If you cannot make it the slot will go to the next person who signed up (if you paid you will be refunded on a pro-rated schedule based on time until attempt).

The track will be closed for each attempt. You will want to bring your own rollers, trainer, or road bike to ride around the neighborhood to warm-up.

Just so you know, our track is not actually distance certified. The cost to get certified is exorbitant and would significantly hurt our yearly budget to do so. We will follow the existing UCI rules, but your distance would most likely only be DLV valid. We will have a USAC official to verify the distance, but it cannot be certified.

Beginner's Class #2 March 14, 15 (Sign Up Quickly!)

The weather is turning the corner and if you've been on the fence now's the time to get off it and join the velodrome for our next certification class coming up in two weekends.

You can find all the information you need right here:

Calling all Keirin Riders

Youth Cycling League Begins Next Monday, March 9th

For 2015 we will be kicking off our Youth Cycling League program starting next Monday, March 9th. We've got some great coaches lined up this year and are super excited for the program to be better than ever. As always, you can read all about the program over here:

Season Passes - Race Number Reservation 2015

Ok, first of all, season passes for 2015 are now available at

Second: We are going to reserve race numbers in a similar manner to last year. If two people reserve the same number, preference will stay with the person who had that number last year, as long as they elect to reserve that number again, and do so before the 25th of March. At that time, it'll be a free-for-all, first in best dressed until the first race of the season on the 1st of April. So get your submission on in the form below, and on the 26th we'll let folks know if they will need to choose a different number that may have been reserved by a current number holder. Reservations are available for any number from 3-100!!

Third: Anyone who reserves a number but does not pay for their One Pass/Season Pass/Weekly-Training pass by April 1st will forfeit that number. If you plan on paying as you go weekly please wait to pick your number until your first race night.

Winter Training Cancelled For Tonight 2/25

I think it goes without saying that with ice pellets falling from the sky and temps already well below our threshold that we are going to cancel winter training for tonight. Hopefully we'll catch a break and some viatmin D next week.

Workday (+Tasks) This Saturday February 28th

Fear not, the weather is looking fine for our second spring workday this Saturday starting at 9a.m.

Patch Track surface
Seal Judges Stand Cabinet
Fix gap between apron and track on front straight
Finish Pressure Washing Turn 4 / 1-2 and Finish straight patches
Clean Bathrooms
Install youth banners
Weed Boards
Remove Thomsen Logo from boards
Pressure Wash Pavillion
Paint Pavillion
Pull out items from concession and sweep and clean and put back in.
Saw logs out by street into quarters.
Remove smashed bulbs from pavillion. Install bulb covers.
Clean mud out of water meter housing.
Install Sink in Concessions
Install Heater in Women's Bathroom
Install Exhaust Fans in Bathroom

The more people that show up the faster it all goes!

Winter Training Cancelled For Tonight 2/18

With the temperature at 4p.m. already below our 40* threshold and a wind chill advisory we are going to cancel Winter Training for tonight 2/18/2015.

Sponsor a Keirin Rider!

Looking for Adult Coach for Youth Cycling League

We are looking for one more adult coach for this season's Youth Cycling League from March through October. This coach would be responsible for helping the other coaches for one session a week (Monday Evenings From 5:15 to 7:45) and help to fill in on other sessions as current Coaches travel for other obligations one or two times per season.

Track experience preferred but not necessary. A strong desire to teach kids about the fun and lifelong benefits of cycling are a must. A USA Cycling Level 3 coaching license is strongly encouraged but at minimum candidate will be submitted to a background check.

There is a small honorarium paid out to the coach to help offset time and expenses.

Anyone interested should email rob@dicklanevelodrome

Spring Beginner's Class Dates

The Spring 2015 Beginner's Class Dates are as Follows:

March 14th-15th (Weekend Class)

April 11th-12th (Weekend Class)

May 7th-14th-21st-28th (Weekly Evening Class)

For more info on how to sign-up:

If you have an expired Groupon for the beginner's class we will still accept them with a $30 balance to be paid.

Workday Tasks For This Saturday February 7th

Just a reminder on the workday this coming Saturday, February 7th.

We'll meet at 9a.m. and work until around 3p.m.

We are watching the weather closely and even if it rains there are still several tasks to be done indoors.

Rider of the Year points are available and will also count as one of two workdays required for $50 discount off a one pass.

Workday Tasks are Below:

Regular Tasks:

Patch Track surface
Seal Judges Stand Cabinet
Shelf by Air Con in Bike Room
Check gap between apron and track on front straight
Pressure Wash Turn 4 / 1-2
Clean fridges
Clean Bathrooms
Sort race numbers
Rake and bag leaves
Break down Boxes Outside bike room
Remove lumber & leaves outside bike room
Clean gutters of bike room
Replace bar tape last few bikes
Inspect, sort, clean YCL helmets
Check womens bathroom heater
Security Light for Bike Room

Does anyone have big tupperware tubs to fill with bleach and water solution to clean YCL helmets?

Special tasks if weather holds:

Does anyone have an edger (not a weedeater, a proper edger) to trim grass along apron?

Spring Workday Dates

We have our Spring Workday Dates picked and are looking for the brave, the strong, the "Can't Stop, Don't Want To" masses ready to get the track looking its best for the upcoming season.

Saturday February 7th
Saturday February 28th
Saturday March 28th - If Needed

(Tasks and equipment needed to be posted shortly)

Remember, workday volunteers get points towards the prestigious rider of the year competition. Who knows, is this the year where the workday makes the difference?

Also, if points aren't enough to convince you, if you sign up for at least two workdays you receive $50 off the One-Pass for the season.(If you are a junior or recently certified rider you do not qualify for any additional discounts than you already have. *MGMT)

Announcing Women's 2015 Training Class #1

Our first Women's Training session for 2015 will be run over 5 consecutive Thursday nights on April 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th. This program is aimed at any woman of any track cycling level. We will have specific skills, drills and workouts that will suit everyone from newly certified riders, through advanced track cyclists. The 5 week class will also serve as a beginners certification for those women who are new to the track.

What: 5 Week Womens Track Cycling Program
When: Thursday nights 7:30pm-9:00pm beginning April 2nd.
Who: Women of any riding level
Equipment: Track bikes are available, just bring your cycling clothes, helmet and pedals
Cost: $60 for certification riders, $5 track session fee for certified track riders
Contact: Rob Evans, [email protected] 404 594 1789

Winter Training Cancelled For Tonight

In light of the Wind Advisory issued (20-30mph winds with 40mph gusts) and a forecast temperature of 26 degrees at 6p.m. we are going to go ahead and cancel winter training for tonight. We'll try again next week.

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