Fall Work Day November 21st

As the season winds down it's that time to think about showing some TLC to the DLV so that we can keep making left turns for years to come. Our first workday for the 2016 season will be Saturday November 21st starting at 10a.m.

As you can see below, there are numerous tasks that need to be accomplished. This is just a small list of the work that needs to be done to keep our track looking nice, functional and something we can be proud of. 5 or 6 people can't get this done on their own we can't stress this enough. So if you've ever wondered why someone doesn't pressure wash the track? Wonder no more, it takes a village!

Some of the tasks that will need to be done for November 21st include the following:

Ranked Importance:
Patch track and fill in track/apron transition
Caulk door frame to mens room
Leaking toilet in mens room
Running urinal in mens room
Running toilet in women's room (or just keep jiggling the handle)
Clean bathrooms
Bolt check, tighten replace on boards
Pull old sponsor logos and remove adhesive residue.
Sweep Bike Room roof
Clean bike room gutters and down spouts for blockages.
Install leaf guards on bottom of bathroom doors
Scrape and paint ceiling in women's room
Clean garbage/obstructions out of creek
Leaf raking and bagging of early falling leaves in parking lot.
Brick and patch and paint vandaled fireplace
Tune-ups, lube and clean of rental/YCL bikes.

Carpenter bee repair/control judges stand

And many many more. This is 8 weeks from now, so plenty of time to put it on the calendar!

YCL and Monday Night Training Cancelled For Tonight 9/28

With the drizzle all day and heavier showers moving into the area the track has been wet all day and won't get a chance to dry before tonight's YCL and MNT. So we unfortunately have to cancel.

6:30 Youth Cycling League session is cancelled for 9/24

Due to weather.

Hour Record Results!

Congrats to Andy Bailie and Andy Luettgen for their Hour Record Attempts!

Andy B completed 115 laps for an official total of 37.185km for the 50+ Record

Andy L from 125 laps + 156.6 meters for a official total of 40.575km for the Elite Record

Year End Party Saturday October 24th

Our Year Party will be held on Saturday October 24th at our usual year end party host The Marlay House.

Stay tuned for further details at this spot.

Record Day Sign Up Closes Friday 6p.m.

So we can plan how many volunteers we need and for how long, we will be closing Record Day Sign Up on Friday September 11th at 6p.m. Eastern Time.

Video from the Velodrome Cup p/b Third Eye Software

Pretty cool video of the Velodrome Cup presented by Third Eye Software: https://vimeo.com/137861271 Thanks to Michele Colucci for the great work!

No YCL or MNT tonight!

Just a reminder, even though calendar says we are having Youth Cycling and Monday Night Training, we will have neither on account of the holiday.

Youth Cycling League is cancelled for tonight

Youth cycling league is canceled for tonight September 2. We will see you next Thursday as we will not have practice on Labor Day

Youth Cycling League is still on for tonight

YCL is still on for tonight 8-20. The track is dry and the apron is almost dry. We'll have a combined 6:30 session for everyone.

And.....Weds Night Racing Is Cancelled

Sorry, no racing tonight. Maybe we'll get out of the soup soon.

Tuesday Night Racing Cancelled

We're not confident the track will dry out after this storm that's just now passing over so we're canceling the racing for tonight.

Track Is Open

The hazard on the track has been cleared. Ride on!

Thursday Night YCL and Programs Cancelled & Track Closed Until Further Notice

The pop-up storm that moved over East Point brought down a limb on our power lines to the lights in turn four and then down onto the track. Until we can get some one to the track to identify if the line is live or not the track is closed until further notice. We have been in touch with the city of East Point and will update the status as we know it.

Record Day = September 19th!

As promised, September 19th will be the First Annual DLV Record Day. Below is the sign up form for Record Day. We are doing something a little different than just having it be all Hour Record. We are also going to allow for record attempts at the distance you wish to go. These are the actual metric distances of the track and not laps as programming is currently run.

First some rules:

After you reserve your place. You will have one(1) week to send in the fee to confirm your slot. Hour Record slots will be $250 and other record attempts will be $50. If you do not confirm your spot within a week, your slot will be made available to others.

Yes. Record Attempts are age graded.

You will get only one(1) attempt at setting the record for the distance of your choice per time slot. Make sure your 6 P's are in order for your equipment, clothing, nutrition and body. No re-rides.

You are allowed to attempt multiple distances. But you will have to pay the fee for each attempt. If you wish to have two attempts at same distance you will need to reserve two slots and pay for both. Only one attempt allowed per time slot.

No warming up on track while other's attempts are in progress. You should plan to bring a road bike, trainer or rollers to warm-up on until it is your time for the attempt. All riders will get at least 5 laps on the track to make sure they are sorted and ready to ride.

No audio equipment of any kind can be worn while on the track.

Please be on time. Missed start times will not be re-run.

If all the slots are filled for your desired attempt please put your name on the waitlist to see if slots open, or we add slots on Sunday.

If you can't see the form please click the link below:


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