Workday Tasks for 3-5-11

We have a list of tasks together for things to get done at our workday coming up this Saturday. Head over the the forum to see the list and make any comments, suggestions for additions to the list:

New Monday Night FIT Program

We are starting a new training program for 2011, Monday Night FIT! The FIT training sessions will be taking over the time slot that was previously held by Wayne Whitesides Advanced Training program.

We thank Wayne for his tireless efforts over the years in not just running the advanced training program, but for all of his time and effort in race promotion and getting our velodrome and organization to where it is today.

The FIT stands for Fast Intense Training and the program will be based around just that, plus skills sessions run by Jeff Hopkins. You can find all of the details on the program here: . As mentioned the program is really for anyone wishing to get some intense training, learn some new skills and generally get better at riding and racing on the track.

We are also looking for a couple of folks who are planning to attend the program to help with some on track organization of groups etc. So if you are planning on attending the sessions regularly, are an experienced trackie, and feel like you can coral a few folks and crack the whip a little to help Dave and Jeff run the sessions smoothly, drop Jeff a line, [email protected] .

Keep in Touch with DLV Happenings

As we get towards the start of the 2011 season at the velodrome, we just want to remind everyone that there are plenty of ways to keep in touch with what is happening at the velodrome. Here's the breakdown and the links:

Email Newsletter

Website RSS Feed"

Facebook Page


Sponsor Spotlight:

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My association with trial attorney Bruce A. Hagen, one of Atlanta’s Super Lawyers, insures that clients will have the best representation from the time of the initial call through settlement or trial and judgment.

Anybody Need a Washer/Dryer?

We have been donated a washer/dryer from a great friend of the velodrome. It is located in the Brookhaven area and needs to be picked up from that location by 6pm Sunday Feb 20. Yes, that is tomorrow, so get in quick. It can be had for a donation of cash to the velodrome, so be generous as it's relatively new and in great shape!

If you are interested, please contact Justin @ 404 863 6685 , and again, it would need to be picked up by 6pm Sunday February 20.

Spring Weekend Beginners Class

New Online Store

A huge thanks to our web development team ( for his great work over the past 2 years, and the latest development for our website is our brand new online store: . The store is broken up into 3 categories:

You'll be able to pay your season pass fees, make donations and purchase merchandise. We are working on a pre-season merchandise sale, so look for those details soon.

Work Days!

We've got our work day schedules set for this coming spring. We'll be going at it on these dates:

Saturday March 5th : 9am - 3pm
Saturday April 2nd : 9am - 3pm

The first workday will include mostly clean-up of leaves and prepping several areas for painting and a few other small projects. The second workday we will be endeavoring to paint the entire track surface in one day! We'll have the assistance of the GA Tech MOVE crew again, so we should be able to cover a lot of ground(literally and figuratively).

Attending both of these work days will get you on the list of folks who are eligible for discount on their One Passes and Wednesday night racing entry fees.

Winter Training Canceled Tonight 2/2/11

Due to the cold temperatures the winter training has been canceled for tonight.

2011 Sponsorship Drive

No Winter Training Tonight, 1/26

Due to the slight dampness and lack of temperature, we will not be holding our winter training session tonight. We will try again next week!

Donate Through

One of our contributors has recently alerted us to a great donation service called The service allows you to make one single donation per month and have it split up however you'd like and distributed amongst several charities of your choice. You can find our page at the site here: . Of course our favorite way for you to support the velodrome is to show up race, spectate and/or volunteer, but financial contributions always allow us to continue to expand our programs. Don't forget that you can also make one time donations to us, by either check(in person or via mail) or paypal(through the online store).

More 2011 Updates

Here are some more updates on our 2011 events:

2011 Pro Race Series Schedule
The 2011 version of our Pro Race Series will continue in much the same format as it was in 2010, and here's hoping we can increase the racer numbers, crowd size and noise!

Friday May 13th - Need for Speed Sprints
Saturday May 14th - WayPoint Systems presents 'The Keirin'

Friday July 8th - Need for Speed Sprints
Saturday July 9th - Outback Bikes presents 'The Omnium'

Friday September 9th - Need for Speed Sprints
Saturday September 10th - presents 'The Madison'

Regional Championships
Regional Championships will be on once again:
Saturday August 13th

Junior Track Classic
We've moved the date for this years Junior Track Classic to be held before Junior Track Nationals which will be going on from July 7-10 in Frisco, Texas. It will be held on Saturday June 11th.

ATRA's 2011 Season Schedule

Courtesy of the American Track Racing Association:
"The American Track Racing Association(ATRA, is proud to announce it’s 2011 season schedule of major events. With most ATRA member velodromes kicking off their regular season activities sometime between April and May this year, the major race calendar will be kicked off at the Dick Lane Velodrome in East Point, GA on May the 13th and 14th with it’s Pro Race Series event, Ethic, Inc. presents ‘The Keirin’. The five month major race season will conclude early in September with the Encino Velodrome hosting its Far West Championship event on the 10th and 11th. Of the races listed in the full season schedule, each member velodrome will select one of its major events to be a part of ATRA’s second year National Championship Series(NCS). With track racing making a recent resurgence, ATRA is committed to providing it’s member velodromes with the ability to run some great track racing events, providing great service to their riders, and of course great entertainment for their spectators. More information and the full schedule can be found on ATRA’s website, ."

Tomorrow's Winter Training is Cancelled 1/12

Pretty much stating the obvious at this point, but winter training will not be held this week, Wed 1/12 due to the current weather issues. With ice and snow still covering the entire velodrome surface, we're pretty confident it won't thaw out anytime soon. Hopefully we'll be able to try again next week!

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