Read About How the Beginners Class Goes Down

A huge thanks to Thomas Moore of who wrote up stories on each of the beginners classes throughout the four week program. Read up to learn more about how the program goes:
Week One Class
Week Two Class
Week Three Class
Week Four Class

Notes For Next Weeks Working Mans Madison

Couple of things to note for everyone regarding next weeks Working Mans Madison Version 2.
1. C racers will only race on Wednesday, D racers will be racing on Tuesday.
2. The A/B field and the D and C field will not race as teams like we did in version one. Each rider will race individually.
3. The Team Sprint TT for A/B and C categories, teams will be open selection so you can ride with anyone.

Thomsen, LTD. presents 'The Madison' Race Flier

We've posted the race flier for our 3rd and final Pro Race Series event of the year to the PRS page. You can also link to the flier by clicking here: . As always we do encourage everyone to read the race flier so that they'll know what is going on with all of the events.

The Madison field is limited to 10 Madison teams. All teams must reserve their spot prior to the event with race promoter, Jeff Hopkins, [email protected]. Preference will be given based on racing category, Pro and 1 will have highest priority. Team confirmation will be two weeks prior to event. All teams are required to race in supplied jerseys.

We'll be giving away $2420 in prize money just for the madison alone so the race should be a hotly contested one. Be there or be square!

Congrats to Our Elite National Championships Qualifiers

Our Regional Event was a qaulifying event for the 2010 Elite National Championships. Congrats to the following riders who qualified to take on the best riders in the country.


Alexander Gil
Phillip Elbaz
Daniel Holt
Tim Henry
Carleton Hall

Autumn Wentworth
Jennifer Schuble


Matt Lipscomb
Tim Henry
Daniel Holt
Alexander Gil
Valentin Todorow

Jennifer Schuble
Evelyn Ewing

New Track Records from Regionals

We had several records broken this weekend through our regional championship event. Here they are:
Men's 1000m TT
Alexander Gil 1:09.30

Men's 4000m Pursuit
Matt Lipscomb 5:04.98

Men's Team Sprint
Alexander Gil
Phillip Elbaz
Carleton Hall 1:08.08

Women's 500m TT
Autumn Wentworth 39.14

Congrats to all those riders.

Thanks to the Riders and Volunteers

Thanks to all of the riders who came out for our Regional Championships. Special thanks to all of our volunteers and the event host, the East Point Track Club. While the moisture pushed things till this morning we still had a good group of riders to battle it out for the remaining events.
Results are here:

Tonights Regional Racing is Postponed

Due to the rain, tonights regional racing is postponed. We will be resuming racing at 9am, Sunday 15th August. The revised program will look like this:

Session 3
Women 25 Lap Points Race
Men 50 Lap Points Race
Women Sprint Semi-Final
Masters 40+ Sprint 5-8 Final
Men Sprint Semi Final
Men Sprint 5-8 Final
Women Sprint Final
Masters 40+ Sprint Final
Men Sprint Final
Women 20 Lap Scratch Race
Men 30 Lap Scratch Race
Women Team Sprint
Men Team Sprint

Riders left in the sprint competition are:
Men Elite
5-8 Final
Jon Woodroof
Steve Hatfield
Kyle Knott
Phillip Elbaz
Semi Final
Alexander Gil
Dan Holt
Tim Henry
Carleton Hall

Women Elite
Semi Final
Autumn Wentworth
Evelyn Ewing
Christina Neros
Jennifer Schuble

Masters 40+
5-8 Final
Steve Foley
Fran Rudy
Kirk Robinson
Hal Mueller

David Magloire
Bill Thomsen
Howard Buckley
Lee Smith

Concessions for Regionals

We'll be running the concession stand tomorrow for the Regional Championships. Or maybe we should call it concessions "lite". We won't have on hand, but we will have the normal array of drinks and we'll also have some snacks, bananas and muffins. Here's the breakdown:
Drinks - $1.50
Diet Coke

Gatorade - $2

Blueberry Muffins - $2
Bananas - $1
Snacks - $1, selection of baked chips, pretzels etc.

Expedite Your Registration For Regionals

If you wish to breeze through the registration process this coming Saturday at our Regional Championships, you can help yourself(and us!!) by printing a USAC waiver and bringing it with you already filled out. You can link to the waiver here: . You'll also help yourself by printing a race flier here: and being sure to read it, and bring it with you on the day so you'll have a copy of the race schedule and any necessary info regarding the event.

If you are planning to purchase a One Day licence on the day, you can print this form here: .

Weekend Beginners Classes

In light of our extremely successful Living Social promotion we'll be adding two weekend classes to the schedule. Here's the dates:

September 18th and 19th, 2pm till 5pm both days
October 9th and 10th, 2pm till 5pm both days

These classes will be limited to 25 people. If you are interested in signing up for the classes, please do so in advance and as soon as you can. You can get yourself on the list by contacting [email protected] with your bike size and Brian will put you on the list. Go here for more info:

Volunteers Needed for Regional Championships

We are looking for a handful of volunteers for our Regional Championship race this coming Saturday, Aug. 14th. We have 3 sessions throughout the day that we'll need a few extra sets of hands, but we will especially need some help during the morning session for the timed events. We'll be setting things up from 7:30am with the first session kicking off from 9am and running through till around 1pm. Then we have the afternoon session kicking off at 3pm and then the evening session running from 6pm. If you are available for any of those sessions, and especially the morning session, drop a line to [email protected] and we'll assign you to a task.

Working Man's Madison, Version 2

Since this month also has a 5th Tuesday and it is paired with our normal madison night of wednesday racing, we're going to be running the working man's two day madison again. There will be some changes to the event from last time to be sure to read up on those beforehand. The madison category will remain completely unchanged. The A/B category will be racing over the two days, but the omnium will be scored individually(not teams like last time) over the two days. Team selection for the 1lap tt for the A/B group will be completely open. Changes for the C group will be that there will be racing for C's only on the Wednesday night. We will be running D category racing on the Tuesday night. C's will also have open selection for the time trial on Wednesday night. Here is more info: . Game on!!

We're Featured on Living Social!!

We are featured for todays special deal on . Folks will be able to get a pretty steep discount on taking the beginners class! Here it is:

City of East Point Needs Your Help

The City of East Point is currently going through the process of updating their Parks and Rec Master Plan which will be in effect for the next 10 years. The Velodrome is an integral part of the citys parks, so this master plan will help us moving forward. As part of the planning process the city is looking for feedback on park use through a survey that can be found online. It's very important that only City of East Point residents fill out the survey, so they can obtain accurate feedback on the use of all of the different parks within the city so they can plan improvements. They are also looking for feedback from youth as well, so even if you are under 18, please do take the survey so they can get a better cross-section of data.

Here is the survey, and again, please only fill it out if you are a city resident:

You can also read a little more about the Master Planning process on the website,

Regional Championship Notes

Just a few notes and reminders for folks about the upcoming Regional Championships. For those that don't know the event is a qualifier for USAC's National Championships to be held in Los Angeles this year. If you are thinking of going to nationals, you should read this: . If you don't already have one, you should purchase a yearly licence, one day licence holders are not eligible to qualify for the championships. We urge everyone to be on top of their upgrades on their licences also before the event to be sure that to make sure there won't be any issues on race day. Read all of the info on the race flier here: . If you have any questions at all, please email [email protected] .

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