Volunteers Needed for Regional Championships

We are looking for a handful of volunteers for our Regional Championship race this coming Saturday, Aug. 14th. We have 3 sessions throughout the day that we'll need a few extra sets of hands, but we will especially need some help during the morning session for the timed events. We'll be setting things up from 7:30am with the first session kicking off from 9am and running through till around 1pm. Then we have the afternoon session kicking off at 3pm and then the evening session running from 6pm. If you are available for any of those sessions, and especially the morning session, drop a line to [email protected] and we'll assign you to a task.

Working Man's Madison, Version 2

Since this month also has a 5th Tuesday and it is paired with our normal madison night of wednesday racing, we're going to be running the working man's two day madison again. There will be some changes to the event from last time to be sure to read up on those beforehand. The madison category will remain completely unchanged. The A/B category will be racing over the two days, but the omnium will be scored individually(not teams like last time) over the two days. Team selection for the 1lap tt for the A/B group will be completely open. Changes for the C group will be that there will be racing for C's only on the Wednesday night. We will be running D category racing on the Tuesday night. C's will also have open selection for the time trial on Wednesday night. Here is more info: http://www.dicklanevelodrome.com/pages/workingmansmadison.html . Game on!!

We're Featured on Living Social!!

We are featured for todays special deal on livingsocial.com . Folks will be able to get a pretty steep discount on taking the beginners class! Here it is: http://livingsocial.com/

City of East Point Needs Your Help

The City of East Point is currently going through the process of updating their Parks and Rec Master Plan which will be in effect for the next 10 years. The Velodrome is an integral part of the citys parks, so this master plan will help us moving forward. As part of the planning process the city is looking for feedback on park use through a survey that can be found online. It's very important that only City of East Point residents fill out the survey, so they can obtain accurate feedback on the use of all of the different parks within the city so they can plan improvements. They are also looking for feedback from youth as well, so even if you are under 18, please do take the survey so they can get a better cross-section of data.

Here is the survey, and again, please only fill it out if you are a city resident: http://www.eastpointparks.com/process.php

You can also read a little more about the Master Planning process on the website, www.eastpointparks.com

Regional Championship Notes

Just a few notes and reminders for folks about the upcoming Regional Championships. For those that don't know the event is a qualifier for USAC's National Championships to be held in Los Angeles this year. If you are thinking of going to nationals, you should read this: http://usacycling.org/forms/track/2010EliteNatTrkChampsQual.pdf . If you don't already have one, you should purchase a yearly licence, one day licence holders are not eligible to qualify for the championships. We urge everyone to be on top of their upgrades on their licences also before the event to be sure that to make sure there won't be any issues on race day. Read all of the info on the race flier here: http://www.dicklanevelodrome.com/sites/default/files/10regionalflier.pdf . If you have any questions at all, please email [email protected] .

Junior Track Classic Wrap

A great day was had by all for our first ever Junior Track Classic. 28 juniors took to the track in their respective age devision for the afternoon of racing. And the racing was great with some hotly contested races, between the time trials and sprints and the massed start events. Thanks to all of our riders and parents who came out to race, and of course our volunteers for their efforts in the sweltering heat. Here's some podium photo's, and more on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/dlv/pool/

17-18 Podium 10-12 Podium

Work Day August 28th

We're going to be hosting a work day on Saturday the 28th of August from 9am till around 3pm in the afternoon. We've got a lot of projects that we've been holding out on and we'll be doing our best to get them done on the 28th. We'll definitely need everyone's help on the day, so put it on your calendars!! Our normal crew of volunteers will be joined by the Georgia Tech MOVE Into the Streets (ITS) Freshman Day of Service! folks to we should have a very robust crew to get plenty of projects finished up.

Regional Champs. Note for Riders

Just a friendly reminder to all riders that you will need to have your USAC licence updated with your current track category for the Regional Championship Race. All of the Elite men's races will be open to track category 1, 2 and 3 with cat. 4 riders only eligible to ride in the non-massed start races(TT, Pursuit, Sprint, Team Sprint). Masters events will be open for all categories, 1-4. If you are unsure of your current category status, if you're a C or a D rider, you are a cat 4. If you are B and above, you are a cat. 3 or better. Women's races will be open to all riders who are track certified. One day licences will be available on the day, in those cases we will assign you to a category based on your regular weekly racing category. Upgrades are processed by USAC through their website, and if you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Better Late Than Never, twotoneatl's The Omnium Write-Up

It took a while, but it's definitely worth the wait, if you missed the action, here is your chance top re-live it in blog/pictorial form!!


Advanced training is cancelled tonight

advanced training is cancelled tonight due to the current situation with the rain

DLV Car Park Theft

Just wanted to let everybody know that we had a theft from a vehicle last night during our Wednesday night racing. A broken window and a missing purse was the result of the break-in. Just want to let folks know to please be aware of any valuables that are in your car, and if at all possible, please do not leave them in there. Secondly, we've swept up the glass as best we could, but please be aware of any residual glass that may be in the area. The break-in occurred by the light pole on the velodrome side of the carpark, so definitely don't ride your bike through that area, and carry it even if your walking through there. We are looking into our security options to try to prevent this from happening again.

New Sponsor: ZIPP Speed Weaponry

The Dick Lane Velodrome would like to welcome Zipp Speed Weaponry to our growing list of great supporters and sponsors. As part of the support from Zipp for this year, they have donated a bunch of prizes and will also be donating a set of Zipp wheels that we will be silent auctioning in the lead-up to our third and final Pro Race Series event of the year, when Thomsen, LTD. presents 'The Madison'. We thank Zipp in advance for their most generous support and look forward to a great relationship for the future. Click below to find out more about them and their products:

Sprint Night July 13th Canceled

Due to the impending terrible weather, sprint night for tonight has been canceled.

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