Beginners Road Racing Clinic

Our friends at the Georgia Bicycle Racing Association (GABRA) will be hosting a free beginners racing clinic this coming Saturday(after our workday!!), from 2pm till 4pm. Hosts for the clinic are some of our experienced track racers, Jeff Hopkins, Joe Eldridge and Leigh Hopkins.

Here is the Info:
Are you new to Road Racing, Criteriums, or Time Trials? Have raced but still have some things to learn? Thinking about racing, but haven't taking that first step? If so, then this clinic is for you!

The clinic will take place on Saturday, Feb. 27th, from 2-4 pm, at West Oak Business Park in Marietta, and is being taught by Jeff Hopkins - GABRA member and pro road racer/former track world champion, Joe Eldridge of TEAM TYPE 1, and Leigh Valletti Hopkins of BMW-Bianchi. This is shaping up to be a very exciting clinic!

You will learn the essentials of race day prep, and will also participate in a mock race where you will learn Clip-in Practice, Riding closely in a group, Cornering Techniques, Racing Tactics, and Racing Etiquette.

Also learn more about drafting, attacking, and sprinting!

Please meet in the parking lot for the New Bag Co, 1841 W Oak Pkwy,Marietta, GA 30062

For the safety of others, riders should be comfortable riding in a group, and have a well-tuned road bike and helmet. For Clinic Outline and Details, please go to:

If attending, please RSVP on the link above for Clinic Outline and Details, and send an email with your contact info to: Thanks!

Support Oz Pizza

Due to a fire in the building last night Oz Pizza's Fairburn location is currently closed. Oz has been a huge supporter of the velodrome over the years, so we'd ask that if your in East Point, please drop in and support them as they figure out things with their Fairburn location.

Tonight's (2/10)Training is Cancelled

Due to a complete lack of any kind of temperature, tonight's training session is cancelled. For those that may be unsure of our policy, if it is below 40deg the sessions will not run.

Bicycle Little League Update

As we get closer to the season we are starting to get all of the pieces of our programming puzzle in order and next up on our list is Bicycle Little League. In years past we had run a sunday program before we got into our regular season scheduling. This year we'll be moving away from that and heading straight into our regular season program times as soon as the time changes. Daylight Savings starts on the 14th of March, so we'll be kicking off the first Bicycle Little League session on Monday the 15th of March. From that date forth, we'll be running Mondays and Thursdays at the same regular timeslot of 6pm till 7:30pm. Info about the program can be found here : . Hope to see everyone at the track soon!


That's right folks, Coffee!! A huge thanks to Jason from Cafeine( for donating a commercial style coffee maker to the velodrome for our concessions. From here on out at the races and special events, we'll be adding freshly brewed Cafeine coffee to the menu. As part of our relationship with Cafeine we'll also be coming up with our own special blend of coffee which will be for sale at the races and on the website here in our webstore.

Thanks to the Volunteers!

Huge thanks to our work day volunteers yesterday, braving the weather and enjoying a great day working towards getting things spic and span at the velodrome. These folks : Ryan Pumpian, Tom Lawton, Mike Garcia-Carreras, Bill Thomsen, Stewart Haddock, Michael Wolf, John Tomlinson, Pete Antonvich, Mike Barman, Ken Rosskopf, David Schwalbach, Brian Sullivan, Lisa Safstrom, Carleton Hall and Jeff Hopkins are now well ont he way to earning their volunteer discount for their season passes. We've got a couple more work days before we get into the season, so plenty of time to lend a hand.

Work Day Tomorrow

Just a note to all planning to attend the work-day tomorrow. If you have some rain boots or some sort of waterproof footwear, please bring those with you, they'll come in handy! If your not too keen on getting your hands dirty we do have one job that requires a delicate touch, so don't be afraid to come down if you feel like that kind of work may suit you.

2010 Waiver Reminder

Just a reminder to everyone who uses the velodrome and/or is planning to use the velodrome, we need a new signed waiver from every rider, every year. Since we are in the new year now, it's waiver time. Please be considerate of our organisation, the waiver's are for our protection and your protection. You can find the waiver here : . You can print and sign the waiver and drop it off at the velodrome next time you are there. Sliding it under the door is the best bet if no-one is there to collect it from you.

As a side note to the waiver notice, we do ask that everyone using the velodrome respect our fee structure for use. The fee's go directly towards maintaining the facility and our programs, so those "cheating" the system are only cheating themselves and their fellow riders. All riding fee's are payable online here : . If your unsure of the fee structure, please drop us a line,

Advanced Training Changes for 2010

We are making some small changes to our Monday Night Advanced Training program for this coming season. We will be running a rotating schedule to bring a little variety to the program. We will be switching every week between fitness based sessions and skills based sessions. Wayne Whitesides will once again be on hand to handle the fitness-based sessions, with a helping hand from Dave Schwalbach, while Jeff Hopkins will be running the skills sessions. One of the aims of the fitness based sessions is to teach riders how to training effectively on the track and to experience a variety of different types of training sessions throughout the year. Skills sessions will rotate between various advanced skills, such as madison training, sprint skills training, standing starts and any other types of skills that riders feel the need to learn.

WABE's Atlanta Sounds from Psycho Cross

New Racing for 2010

If you aren't on our email list, you may not have seen our most recent email news that contained some info about a couple of new racing projects we are working on here at the DLV. You can sign up for the emails here, .

As we evolve as a group, we are continually thinking of new idea's and re-thinking old ideas for events and racing at the velodrome. With this in mind we have 2 new events that we will be hosting in 2010 and here are the first details about those :

Working Man's Madison

This 2 day madison will be held on Tuesday the 29th and Wednesday the 30th of June. The Working Man's title is a tribute to the race's mid-week time slot. The two days of racing will feature 3 categories racing. The Madison category will be open to all teams who are competent madison riders, and limited to 10 teams. We will feature a combined A/B category for those A's and B's who aren't in the madison field. These racers won't be racing with handslings in the regular madison style, but they will be racing as teams to compete for points to become the champion team. The C category will be run in the same vein as the A/B field with riders teaming up to collect points towards the overall standings. Info is here :

Regional Championships

That's right, we're bringing it back, the regional championship event, where you'll be abel to test your strength in a series of championship events to claim the title as the southeast's best. This race is tentatively scheduled for August the 14th. We are still in the early stages of planning this event, so keep an eye on the website for more information as we develop it. Info is here :

Work Day's!!

We've set our work day dates before we get into the season, so come on out and help get your velodrome looking the best that it can be. Here's the dates :
Saturday February 6th, 9am
Saturday February 27th, 9am
Saturday March 13th, 9am
So get your boots on and come give us a hand. We'll have a list of work items that we'll get together in the forum so you'll have an idea of what job's we've got going on. Note that with 2 workday's completed you will get a discount on your 2010 season pass.

Training Cancelled Tonite (1/20) for Dampness

We're not having a good run so far, but due to some dampness at the track right now, we have decided to cancel tonite's training sessions. Sorry all, hopefully we'll get another shot at it next week.

2010 Beginners Classes Posted

We have locked in the dates for our Beginners Classes for 2010. The major part of this is that we will be offering 2 weekend classes this spring both of which will be in March :

2010 Spring Weekend Class Schedule

  • March 6th & 7th - Saturday and Sunday from 1pm - 4pm each day
  • March 27th and 28th - Saturday and Sunday from 1pm -4pm each day

Our regular season schedule will be the same as last year with the class comprising of 4 consecutive Thursday Nights sessions to become certified. Dates and all of the information are posted on the Beginner Program page. To sign up for a class, you can pay online in our store or email Brian, to reserve your spot and pay on the day.

Tuesday Night Schedule's Posted

As we get closer to the season, we are steadily locking in our programs and racing for the 2010 racing season. And first cab off the rank is Tuesday nights. We do have some changes, so be sure to take note of those :
Women's First Tuesday's - Held the first Tuesday of every month, Women will be the feature event of the evening. Thanks to Leigh Hopkins of Southeastern Women's Cycling (SEW) for hosting this event every month. The night will also be open to Masters and Beginners(D) category racers.
Steve Hill's Sprints - Held every second Tuesday of every month, Steve Hill will be around to host his sprint night, which was formerly held on Friday night. Racing is open for ALL categories.
Masters Third Tuesday's - Held every third Tuesday, masters night will be open for Master's, Women and Beginners racing categories. Thanks to John Dowd for continuing to host this event.
Pursuit Night - Held every fourth Tuesday, come down and get your pursuit on against the clock. Thanks to Tim Gallagher, who will once again be present to put ALL category racers in the pain cave.

There are a couple of 5th Tuesday's that are unaccounted for and at least one of those Tuesday's will include a brand new special event, which should be announced later on next week once we have the details finalized, and the thumbs up from the powers that be.

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