Psycho Cross A Race Highlights

Psycho Cross Wrap Up

What started out as a wet morning turned into a muddy day of racing. Or should I say, very muddy day of racing. Kicking off things was the Junior race, and some eager beavers and plenty of wet pavement saw a few of the youngsters hit the deck until they got a feel for the course and it's slipperyness. It was Matt Lipscomb of the Fulton Flyers team taking the early lead and the rest of the pack would never see him again. Matt would also place 9th in the B race later in the day. Coming in 2nd was Fraziers Phillip O'Donnell with Andrew Macrae coming in 3rd.

Next race up was the C race. Out of nowhere Chris Wyatt riding for Specialized took control of this race and rode away with the victory. Notable in this race was Chris and Aaron Chamberlain of Faster Mustache we're the two closest rider to making it all the way up the mudded out run-up section next to the granstand. Both riders got their front wheel over the curb but wouldn't quite get the last little bit. Aaron was also doing it on a single speed, so hat's off to him. Also of note was Banana-man himself, Tom Cross. Riding a converted road bike with zero mud clearance, what looked like 42 x 19 gearing and wearing a huge banana costume, Tom hung tough in the race and finished things up after hitting the deck hard on the turn off the apron.

In the Masters race, early on it looked like it might be a tough battle up the front between reigning GA Cross champion Brady Rogers and one of the GTC team riders. After a few laps of riding together, Brady hit the afterburners and left his riding mate in his mudd splatter to take the win handily from Torre Smitherman with Jeff Welp rounding out the podium in 3rd place.

Psycho Cross Results are Posted

Big thanks to all of the volunteers, racers and spectators that braved the weather for some real cyclocross battles on Saturday. Results are posted here and you can also link to them through the Psycho Cross page. Hold onto your hats, story and photo links to come tomorrow.

Bring The Noise!

WABE 90.1 FM Atlanta will be present at the Psycho Cross event this Saturday to record some audio for their Atlanta Sounds series. It would be awesome if everyone can bring whatever noise making instrument you have to the race to cheer on your favorite rider/s and give WABE some great sounds as well. As Bruce Dickinson(not Bruce Dickman) once put it, "I've got a fever, and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL!"

A Note to All Psycho Cross Racers

We have a note to all Psycho Cross racer for the this weekend's event. Please read it here, and you'll be given one when you register. Mostly due to the complexity of fitting the course in the small area that we have, and fitting spectators around that we are asking that you follow a couple of simple guidelines to help the event run as smoothly as possibly.

Track Usage This Weekend

For this weekend's Psycho Cross event the track will be closed on Saturday from 9am till 8pm. The track will be available for use on Sunday.

Psycho Cross T-Shirt

Huge thanks to one of our awesome sponsors, Vanderkitten for getting these t-shirts printed for us. Shirts will be for sale at the race for $20. They are limited, so make sure you get yours on the day. Any leftover sizes will make their way into our webstore.

Big Thanks to Psycho Cross Sponsors

The DLV and the EPVA want to send out a huge thank you to all of our sponsors that stepped up for the Psycho Cross race coming up this weekend. Initially when we set up the race our juniors were only going to be racing for medals. Due to the awesome response from our group of sponsors we will now be offering prizes for the juniors instead of medals. So Thanks to all of the folks below, and please support those who support us!

DLV Web Store

We've got a few new things and a couple of specials going on in the webstore right now. New items include the 2009 DLV Pro Race Series poster, only $10 and also up right now is the 2009 Psycho Cross poster, also $10. We are running a special on remaining shirts for Outbakc Bikes presents 'The Wheelrace', they have been reduced to $15. Sizes are limited to Mens small and medium and women's small. We are still running the 2008 madison shirt and socks special for $20 so get in while the going is hot. Remember that all of your purchases from our webstore benefit all of out programs here at the DLV and help keep the place in tip top shape!

Host Housing

We have an out of town rider looking for some host housing for a couple of weeks in November, please see the forum for details.

Times from our End of Season Party Goldsprints

Here they are. Feel free to heckle your friends!
Billy - 22.76, Brian - 23.06, Dave B - 24.14, Two Tone - 25.26, Stafford - 25.42, Jeff H - 25.49, Richie - 25.51, Carleton - 25.56, Chris K - 25.58, Russ - 26.30, Brian M - 26.50, Darren - 26.59, Rick - 27.10, John M - 27.22, Chris C - 27.38, Jeff B - 27.84, Nick - 28.18, Glenn - 28.22, Autumn - 28.22, Brandon T - 28.25, Mikey - 28.27, Mike - 28.38, Wes P - 28.50, Colby - 28.84, Tim - 31.26, Little Red - 32.16

Bicycle Little League Cancelled for Tonight 10/12

Due to the incliment weather Bicycle little League has been cancelled for tonight 10/12.

End of Season Party Wrap-Up

We had about 60 people come out to The Grange last night to enjoy the end of season festivities. We had 26 people jump on the Goldsprints bikes and lay down some times. In the end it was David "The Professor" Bell and Jon "TwoTone" Woodroof racing off for 3rd and 4th places with "The Professor" taking 3rd place. In the major final for 1st and 2nd it was a showdown between the East Point Outlaw, Billy "Shatterproof" Santana and old Jean Shorts himself, Brian "Sweatback" Tester. The race went down to the wire with Sweatback holding the lead for much of the race, but a late charge by Shatterproof Sanatana clutched the victory right out of Brian's lycra jean shorts. Autumn Wentworth was the fastest lady rider of the evening and also collected her Rider of The Year award, and Bicycle Little League regular Mikey Waine took on and slayed his dad on his way to winning the best young rider award. The Lantern Rouge prize awarded to the slowest racer of the evening and went to local artist Colby Millen. He downed his Miller High Life prize out of a champaigne flute. Joe Eldridge was there in spirit to collect his award for Rider of The Year, but in body it was someone else pretending to be Joe collecting the trophy. Thanks to everyone that came out it was a great time and hope to see everyone at Psycho Cross or at some stage next season. Some photo's are posted on our Facebook page.

Big Thanks to our Workday Volunteers

Huge thanks go out to all of our volunteers who helped us with the workday, we got a good bit of work done : Jeff Hopkins, Daved Schwalbach, Nick Oestreich, Mark Oestreich, Bill Thomsen, Mike Jensen, Chris Kelly, Brian Sullivan, Christina Neros, Sally Thomsen, Brian Tester, Josh Frank, Pete Antonvich.

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