2011 Changes Part 1

Here at the EPVA head quarters we've begun starting to plan for our 2011 season and will be publishing some of our major changes for the coming year. The first of those changes will be based around some of the extra non-track events that we ran this year, that we will not be continuing for 2011:

Velodrome Century
The century ride from the velodrome was something that we had initially attempted to get off the ground in 2009, but were not successful in making it happen until 2010. Several issues came out of the running of our 2010 event specifically, but a larger part of us not continuing the event is that we are looking to re-focus back onto what we do best, and that is track cycling and track racing. We will however be looking to put some of our influence behind the great support of the MACC One Love Century for 2011, as those guys run a great event, and have been great contributors to our Bicycle Little League program over the last few years.

Psycho Cross
It is definitely with a heavy heart that we will not be continuing our cyclocross race in 2011. The same applies for this event as the century ride in getting back to solely focusing on track racing, but several issues with the event in 2010 came up that we just cannot ignore moving forward. Damage to our facility and the costs involved in running such an event at our facility are just a couple of the reasons that we won't be moving forward with the event.

Interview with Dick Lane

Huge thanks to Josephine Wicker for conducting this interview with Dick Lane for her history project, and to Lucius Williams for taping the interview and creating the video. Of course thanks to Dick Lane for making the time to be interviewed. This interview is part of our recent efforts to get a better sense of the history of the velodrome, and you can read some more about that here: http://www.dicklanevelodrome.com/pages/history.html . Enjoy!

Dick Lane from Lfour on Vimeo.

'The Keirin' Short Film On Atlanta's PBA30

PBA30 will be airing a slightly shortened version of 'The Keirin' short film tonight and tomorrow night. Sunday 11/21 @ 1am will feature the first showing and the second showing will go down at Midnight on Sunday night, 11/21. It will be featured in the Atlanta Shorts segment on the station. More info at PBA30's website: http://www.pba.org/schedules/pba30/#

IT Help for our Website!

We are looking to improve our website for 2011 with some new information and are in need of some assistance to be able to make that happen. We are looking for someone who has experience in Information Architecture to specifically look at all of our use cases, so that we can then figure out the best way to effectively add in the new information to the site, and keep it easy to navigate for all of our current information. If you are a person with this experience, or know someone with experience in this area who may be willing to donate some time on this project, we'd love to hear from you, [email protected] or 404 769 0012.

Painting Work Day Postponed This Saturday

Due to a scheduling issue with several of our chief maintenance officers, we are going to be postponing our scheduled track painting work day this coming Saturday, 11/6. We will be re-scheduling the painting session for the spring time to get the surface looking great.

DLV's Steve Carrell, World Masters Champion!

DLV's own Steve Carrell has won himself World Championship at the Masters World Championships in Portugal. Steve won the 40-44 Points Race.

Tony Scott was also in Portugal spreading the good word about the DLV with a fine second placing in the 45-49 Scratch Race.

All of us here at the DLV are proud of our guys performances out there, and congratulate both Steve and Tony on their great rides.

Steve's Points Race results: http://www.uvp-fpc.pt/pagina_file_ver.php?ficheiro=31102010164457.pdf

Tony's Scratch Race results: http://www.uvp-fpc.pt/pagina_file_ver.php?ficheiro=28102010221433.pdf

KenBIKELaw.com Psycho Cross Results

Races have been run and won, congratulations to all of the race winners. Here is link to the results:

Zipp Cross Sprint Results

Zipp 'Cross Sprints

1 Josh Merchant
2 Chris Hughes
3 Oneil Samuels
4 Oscar Clark

1 Matt McFadden
2 Andy Bailie
3 Brody Hartley
4 Daniel Broshar

Complete Results here

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