R**N Go Away!! Racing Starting at 2:45pm Sat 7/10

Racing will begin at 2:45pm with our Sprint Finals on Saturday, 7/10

Unfortunately due to the dirty 4-letter R word we've had to cancel the remainder of tonights racing program. We will be finishing up our sprint tournament tomorrow with only semi-finals and finals to go, the riders in those races will be Alexander Gil and Brian Tester in Semi 1, Emile Abraham and Joe Eldridge in Semi 2 and Dan Harm, Carleton Hall, Dan Holt and Tim Henry to race-off for 5th through 8th place. Proceedings will begin at 2:45pm right before the scheduled afternoon program is scheduled to start. All riders should plan their warm-ups accordingly.

Outback Bikes presents 'The Omnium' Food menu

Once again the food will be awesome thanks to the work of cakehag.com. Here is the breakdown to get your mouth watering:

Omnium potato salad; a German based potato salad. We will offer one with bacon and one without.

Chicken Nachos w/ black beans, shredded cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream.

Grilled Chicken sandwhich w/ mango pineapple slaw

Roasted Veggie wrap w/ portabellas, red bell peppers, summer squash, red onions and zucchini in an asian sesame dressing w/fresh spinach.

Coleman's All natural hotdogs w/ all the fixin's

Brownie sundae's

Assorted cupcakes

The Omnium Riders to Watch

Here's the list of riders to watch out for tonight for Jordan/Zephyr's Need for Speed Sprints, and then especially for tomorrow's feature events when Outback Bikes presents 'The Omnium'.

Outback Bikes presents 'The Omnium' T-Shirt!!

In continuation of our short-lived tradition of special edition t-shirts for our major events, the next one is ready to roll coutesy of www.sfattoclothing.com:

A Note to All Racers This Weekend

Just a friendly reminder to all of our racers for this weekends Pro Race Series events, PLEASE READ THE RACE FLIER!! It has all of the information in it that you will need to know about the races, and will remove any confusion as to what the goings on will be for both Friday nights and Saturdays races. Flier is published on the Pro Race Series page and can be linked to directly by clicking here.

Volunteers Needed!

We are still looking for a couple of volunteers to help out this coming Saturday for Outback Bikes presents 'The Omnium'. We have a variety of jobs that we need some help with, so if you are willing, able and available, please let us know and we'll put you to work!

Email us, jeff@dicklanevelodrome.com if you think you can help.

Atlanta Magazine!

We were recently featured in the hard copy of Atlanta Magazine, which as picture form the Keirin and short story about us. The story has subsequently made it onto Atlanta Magazine's website, and you can read all about it here:


No Advanced Training on Monday

In addition to the lack of Bicycle Little League on Monday, advanced training will also be cancelled due to the holiday.

No Bicycle Little League on Monday, 7/5

Due to the holiday weekend we won't be holding our Bicycle Little League program on Monday, 7/5. We'll resume the program as per usual next Thursday.

Weather is Looking Good for Day 2 of WMM

Weather is looking good here at the velodrome at the moment for tonights Day 2 of the Working Mans Madison. Keep an eye on twitter for more info as we get closer to race time.

Shimano To the Rescue!

With the increased popularity of our Bicycle Little League program putting somewhat of a strain on our equipment stores, a short discussion with the folks at Shimano North America had some new spd clipless pedals and cleats in the mail. A huge thanks to Shimano from the EPVA and our Bicycle Little League kids and program for their generous support in keeping our kids feet on the pedals, literally and metaphorically!


Working Mans Madison T-Shirt

With Day 1 of the Working Mans Madison in the books, we're looking forward to tonights action to finish off the 2 days of racing. We'll have the Working Mans Madison T-Shirts available for sale tonight for $15ea. Supply is VERY limited and will be first come first serve once registration opens. Huge thanks to SfattoClothing.com for getting them printed for us. Check out the design:

Working Man's Madison Event Notes

We've got notes about next weeks Working Man's Madison posted on the Working Man's Madison page here: http://www.dicklanevelodrome.com/pages/workingmansmadison.html . If you have any questions or if something doesn't make any sense, drop an email to jeff@dicklanevelodrome.com . Be sure to get your teams set-up before sign in on Tuesday so you'll be able to score up on some points. We'd encourage the use of the forum if you don't have contact details for someone.

No D/Beginner Racing on Tuesday 6/29

Just a reminder to all of our D/Beginners racing group riders that there will be no racing for you guys on Tuesday 6/29 in lieu of the Working Man's Madison. D racing will resume on Tuesday the 6th of July.

Friday Madison Practice

With the Working Man's Madison coming up next week: http://www.dicklanevelodrome.com/pages/workingmansmadison.html we're going to be running a madison practice session this Friday for those folks who wish to race in the madison category next week to brush up on their skills to get dialled in before the race. We have a 10 team field limit, and with that many teams on the track it'll be very important that everyone is comfortable out there amongst all the exchanges. We'll kick the session off from 7:00pm and will run 3 x 15-20 min race simulations. We'll expect the group to mostly stay together for the duration of each session.

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