2016 Season Passes On Sale Now - Race Number Reservation

Season passes for 2016 are now available at http://www.dicklanevelodrome.com/pages/store.html

This year, for anyone who purchases a One-Pass before April 1st we will include One(1) Season Spectator Pass to the Pro Race Series.

We are going to reserve race numbers in a similar manner to past years. If two people reserve the same number, preference will stay with the person who had that number last year, as long as they elect to reserve that number again, and do so before April 1st. At that time, it'll be a free-for-all first-come-first served. So get your submission on in the form below, and on the April 1st we'll let folks know if they will need to choose a different number that may have been reserved by a current number holder. Reservations are available for any number from 3-200!!

Lastly, anyone who reserves a number but does not pay for their One Pass or Weekly-Training pass by April 1st will forfeit that number. If you plan on paying as you go weekly please wait to pick your number until your first race night.

If form is not visible to you please use this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ea5gyx26yuPh3Rdy0vQBpuUEo_7OLjUg2gpg1Cd...

Reminder: Workday This Saturday 2-27

Just a reminder, we have just a few more tasks that we need to knock out for 2016. If we get it done on the 27th then we won't have to have a workday in March!! If you haven't gotten your two-workdays in for a Pass Discount this might be your last chance. Plus the Rider of The Year competition is already heating up!

We're getting the track in great looking shape! So come on out! See you at 9a.m.!

Finish Scrub/Pressure Wash Boards
Pressure Wash Concession Wall and Prep for Painting
Seal Concession Building Roof
Grounds Maintenance/Edging/Weeding
Finish Bicycle Tune Ups
Fix Leaking Men's Urinal
Gravel New Trenches
Garbage Clean Up From Creek
Raking Out and Seeding New Sandbar in Infield
Weeding Under Bleachers
Fire Ant Treatment Of Grounds
Rode garden glass pick up.
And More!

Calling all Keirin Riders

We are ready to accept requests for our list of riders who wish to be invited to race the Elite Keirin events when Merial presents The Keirin on April 30th. If you wish to be considered for invitation, please send us an email with your race results and we'll add you to the list. Final selections will be made the last week of March. Please send emails to [email protected]

Winter Training Cancelled For Tonight 2/10

We didn't get out of the 30s today. Next week is looking much warmer. Hope to see everyone then.

Thanks to our Workday Volunteers!

We'd like to thank our workday volunteers for coming out an putting in a great effort to make the track look terrific and continue getting us ready for the coming season.

All of the following volunteers get coveted Rider of The Year points as well as credit to a Season Pass. But above all we really appreciate their contributions!

David Schwalbach
Patrick Buckley
Bill Thomsen
Travis Neumuller
Andy Bailie
Kevin "Almost Famous" O'Donnell
Jorge Hernandez
Sharif Hassan
Rudy Keefer
Salma Huque
Dennis Decker
Chris Annunziata
Pete "El Jefe" Antovich
Annalise Oestreich
Max Oestreich
Nick Oestreich
Mark Oestreich
Gary Morgan

No Winter Training Tonight

Winter Training is cancelled for tonight 2-3-2016. Track just hasn't dried out as expected after the rain today. We'll try again next week.

Workday Tasks For Saturday February 6th

Hi All! We'll be starting at 9a.m. on Saturday February 6th for our next workday.

We have a lot of tasks to accomplish, but after our fall work day the track grounds are starting to look in great shape!

Here's our list of tasks for next Saturday:

Drill hole for for dehumidifier in bike room
Dig Trench around bike room
Clean ice maker
Clean gutters out on bike room
Repair bike room gutters
Final bolt check boards + replace hardware/clamps
Finish repairing chimney & paint - Bill will bring the wood
Trim weeds from boards & under bleachers
Bike room bikes tune ups/replace tape/repairs
Bleach Youth Helmets
Weed killer spray on track surface & under bleachers
Remove additional old adhesive from boards
Scrub boards of dirt/mold (back of boards also)
Sand & Repaint bike racks
Retack Vents to Building
Hack the stump by the gate
Caulk mens room door frame
Treat & Seal carpenter bee burrows in judges stand
Replace pickets on judges stand
Hoover up rose garden glass
Identify/treat ant mounds.

Winter Training Cancelled For Tonight 1/20

Due to the frozen precipitation (sleet) currently falling at the velodrome. Safe to say that Winter Training is cancelled for tonight on account of winter.

A Note on Upgrade Requests

Winter Training 1-13-2016

Winter Training is on for tonight!

Winter Training Starts This Wednesday!

Hey all! Happy 2016! Let's try to get this season kicked off right. Winter Training Starts this Wednesday at 7:00p.m.!

Winter Training is each Wednesday Night from january until the season starts in April WEATHER PERMITTING. Weather permitting also means a temperature threshold of 40*F at 7:00p.m. If it is below that or looking like it might be a few hours out we will cancel winter training!

If you have a 2015 One-Pass, Weely Pass, or Training Pass, Winter Training for 2016 is included. If you did not purchase one of the above passes, training is $5 per session ($6 if paying with a card). You can alternately pre-purchase training sessions or a Winter Training pass at our online store: http://www.dicklanevelodrome.com/pages/fees.html

Hope to see a bunch of eager faces ready to take 2016 by the horns!

Safety Reminder #3

It is winter time (or spring according to the dogwoods) and this is the time of year that the track is covered in leaves and not maintained to in-season standards, Sometimes wet and/or we are performing other work on the track. Please note that this may make riding on the velodrome challenging and you do so at your own risk outside of regular velodrome programming. It is also a good idea to let someone know you are riding at the velodrome, or ride with others if you are riding outside of normal velodrome programming.

Track Safety Caution

Please be cautious as you are riding the track. The track is presently rideable but we are patching some cracks and performing other work so the track may be bumpier than usual. Also, with leaves still falling and at times wet the track may be hazardous to ride in general. Please use caution if you do choose to go down and ride through the next few weeks.

Former state representative Dick Lane, has passed away

We are sad to announce that the Velodrome's Namesake, former state representative Dick Lane, has passed away.

The funeral will be at Parrot Funeral Home, in Fairburn. Viewing Wednesday 5-8 pm and funeral Thursday at 2p.

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Youth Cycling League End of Season

Now that the weather has completely changed its mind, it looks like we will try and have our Youth Cycling League end of season party on Thursday after all! Well...if the weather decides to cooperate! Currently it is looking Like YCL will be canceled for tonight 10/26! Will confirm on our facebook page as the afternoon draws closer: www.facebook.com/dicklanevelodrome

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