Reminder: No Youth Cycling or Womens Tonight

Reminder: No Youth Cycling or Womens Tonight due to Columbus Day.

Reminder: Octobber Beginner's Series Starts Tonight - Be Prepared

Reminder: Tonight starts October Beginner Series. Please be ready to ride at 6:30. You must be signed in, have your number pinned and rental bike acquired. Once we start it will be very disruptive to the session if anyone shows up after 6:30 looking to do all these things. So please plan ahead. If you already have a cloth number please bring it with you. If you don't you will be assigned one that you will use each night. Replacement numbers are $5.

October Beginner's Series Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26th

If you have taken our Beginner's Class this year and still need a few points to move up to Wednesday Night racing, or just got certified and need some experience the October Beginner's Series is for you.

We will start at 6:30p.m. with warm-up and skills drills and then we will have three varying mass start races to help you understand the different kid of events that will be run at the DLV. Expect to finish around 8p.m.

There will be a field threshold to hit, so talk it up on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat. If we don't get more than 5 riders on the first evening the rest of the series will not move forward.

If you aren't sure how many points you have, or how to upgrade, please review this handy article here:

Sprint Night 9/27 Is Cancelled

Due to weather Sprint Night for tonight is cancelled. See you tomorrow for Directors night.

Beginner's Class Make Up Date October 2nd

Beginner's Class Make Up Date for the September session will be this Sunday, October 2nd starting at 10a.m.

Beginner's Class Sunday (9/18)

The beginner's class for Sunday 9/18 is cancelled. The make-up date is TBA.

Please Re-Enroll Kroger Community Rewards

We are being asked to ask all of our velodrome users, supporters and patrons to re-enroll in Kroger Community Rewards.

If you haven't signed up yet, this is the perfect opportunity to.

For each time you shop at Kroger, they will donate a small percent of your shopping total to the DLV. It's probably the easiest way to participate in raising funds for the DLV.

To sign up:

Go to:

Click Enroll. It may ask you update or add your information such as your Kroger Plus Card Number.

After you've updated your personal info it will ask for the organization you wish to support.

Type in our org number: 69847

That's it! Now you can shop like the DLV Champ that you are and support us in the process.

Record Day Date Change October 1st!

We have a date change to our Record Day. We will be moving from Sunday October 2nd to Saturday October 1st. Please note this on your calendars and plans. There are still a handful of time slots to sign up for.

Year End Party October 16th

Mark Your Calendars: The DLV Year End Party will be held on Sunday October 16th. Location still TBD.

Working Man's Two Day Format Changes

As if there hasn't been enough racing already at the DLV we have our Working (Wo)Man's Two-Day this week! This is one of only two weeks this year where all categories can race both Tuesday and Wednesday Nights! For this WMTD we are changing up the format. Format is as follows:


D: 10 lap Win and Out

B/C: 10 Lap Snowball

A/B: 10 Lap Snowball

D: 10 lap Point a Lap

B/C: 50 Lap Points Race

D: 20 Lap Points Race

A/B: 100 Lap Points Race


D: Unkown Distance

B/C: Elimination

A/B: Elimination

D: 10 Lap Tempo

B/C: 30 Lap Scratch

D: 20 Lap Scratch

A/B: 45 Lap Scratch

Programming for 8/18 is Cancelled

No programming tonight due to weather.

PRS#3 Call for Volunteers August 26th & 27th!

The track needs you! We could use a few good WO/MEN to help out at the Velodrome Cup presented by Third Eye Software on August 27th. Set up is at 9a.m. so if you are racing you'll have time to put your feet up, cool down and also pat yourself on the back for making a different at the DLV before you snooker the competition later in the day. We need help setting up for the Need for Speed Sprints presented by Bike Law the night before as well start at 4p.m. please email [email protected] or call 404-594-1789 if you can help out. Volunteers help us to keep Turning Left at the World Famous DLV.

Record Day = October 1st 2016!!

Our Second Annual Dick Lane Velodrome Record Day will be October 1st, 2016. Below is the sign up form for Record Day. We are doing something a little different than just having it be all Hour Record. We are also going to allow for record attempts at the distance you wish to go. These are the actual metric distances of the track and not laps as programming is currently run.

First some rules:

After you reserve your place. You will have one(1) week to send in the fee to confirm your slot. Hour Record slots will be $250 and other record attempts will be $50. If you do not confirm your spot within a week, your slot will be made available to others.

Yes. Record Attempts are age graded.

You will get only one(1) attempt at setting the record for the distance of your choice per time slot. Make sure your 6 P's (Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance) are in order for your equipment, clothing, nutrition and body. No re-rides.

You are allowed to attempt multiple distances. But you will have to pay the fee for each attempt. If you wish to have two attempts at same distance you will need to reserve two slots and pay for both. Only one attempt allowed per time slot.

No warming up on track while other's attempts are in progress. You should plan to bring a road bike, trainer or rollers to warm-up on until it is your time for the attempt. All riders will get at least 5 laps on the track to make sure they are sorted and ready to ride.

No audio equipment of any kind can be worn while on the track.

Please be on time. Missed start times will not be re-run.

If all the slots are filled for your desired attempt please put your name on the waitlist to see if slots open, or we add slots on Saturday.

If you can't see the form please click the link below:

watch live on youtube

still working out the bugs and rain damaged our cam

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