Day 1 of Working Man's Two Day cancelled

Hi all, we were hoping to make tonight happen, but unfortunately the weather is just not cooperating.

Things are looking much better for tomorrow and we will have all categories again tomorrow. We will figure out a good blend to the races.

The DLV Two-Day!

It's that Two-Day time again! Due to the month of May having five Tuesdays, tonight and tomorrow will split with our regularly scheduled program and feature the DLV "Working Man's" Two-Day. All categories are welcome to race on both days. We are watching the weather closely. As of now rain is forecast to end around 4 which would give us ample time for the track to dry. But stay posted here and to the Social outlets for updates if it looks questionable.

Race Schedule will be as follows:


C/D: 5 win-n-out
B: 5 win-n-out
A: 5 win-n-out

C/D: 10 lap snowball
B: 10 lap snowball
A: 10 lap snowball

C/D: 20 lap scratch
B: 30 lap scratch
A: 40 lap scratch


C/D: 10 lap tempo
B: 10 lap tempo
A: 10 lap tempo

C/D: 30 lap points race
B:40 lap points race
A: 80 lap points race

National Velodrome Day - June 3rd! Try The Track!

We're going to be participating in National Velodrome (aka Try The Track) Day, next Saturday at 9a.m. running untl Noon. If you've been thinking about wanting to to try out the track, but not fully comitted to taking a Beginner's Class, this is your chance. Just coincidentally we will be having a Beginner's Class that day as well starting at 1p.m. So if you decide you like it you can jump right in to getting certified. Otherwise you can cross anoher item off your bucket list! This is one day where there will be no cost associated with getting on the track. Come down, sign a waiver and let some of our instructors and coaches help you Get On Track!

Sprint Night is As Scheduled

Hi All,
We aren't 100% positive, but with the rain looking to clear out here shortly we are going to try and have sprint night tonight and hope the humidity clears out enough for the track to dry out. Be prepared to ride, but also be flexible.

No Youth Cycling League Tonight - 5/22 - Rain

Due to the heavy rain that has moved in and is training over the area, we will not be having YCL tonight May 22nd 2017.

No Youth Cycling League Tonight - 5/22 - Rain

Due to the heavy rain that has moved in and is training over the area, we will not be having YCL tonight May 22nd 2017.

The More You Know: Last Nights Points Race Finish Explained

Last night's Category A Points race ended in a little confusion possibly frustration, so I want to explain what happened and why it happened that way.

For those not in attendance, it was a fast race. Toward the end, a solo rider went on the attack. It was obvious to everyone at the track, his goal was to take a lap. With 1.5 laps to go, the solo rider was up by about 290 meters (almost a lap). He did not give up, trying to earn the 20 points for gaining a lap.

The field crossed the line with 2 laps to go.
Almost immediately - the solo rider crossed the line - receiving the bell with 1 lap to go.
The solo rider rode into the field taking his lap. This happened in turn 1-2.

This is where the confusion comes in. As the solo rider takes the lap, everybody on the race is now on the same lap as him. He is, in fact, at the back of the field so the officials "back track" to find the leader on the the track. In this case - there were no chasers - so field became the leader on the track. Everybody has less than one lap to go, so the next time across the line is the finish of the bicycle race and the sprint for double points.

Had this been a Pro Race Series - the announcer would have been announcing that the rider had gained a lap. For weekly racing, I do not have the ability to communicate with the field. In general, I do try to point at the leader on the track, to help the field know where they are in relation to the home straight (and help the lap counter guy keep track of when to change the numbers).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

CR- Scott Patton

Hal Mueller Lap-A-Thon Schedule

We've been posting a lot about the Hal Mueller Lap-A-Thon and we have our schedue up for the weekend. Please check it out here:

You can still register at or you can register day of for $50.

We'll be grilling out at the Left Turn Cafe selling drinks and herbivore and carnivore food options & snacks from 5p.m. to close.

Note: You dont have to ride the whole time or even show up at the start time. You can ride some laps, sit out for a few laps, wash, rinse, repeat. Today is a party and about being a part of this great DLV Community.

Need For Speed Sprints 5-5-2017

We are going to try and have the Sprints tonight! Come on down!

Youth Cycling League is Cancelled for tonight 5-4-2017

Hi All,
With the continued rain moving through the area it's a safe bet that YCL is cancelled for tonight.

We look forward to seeing all of our YCL riders on Saturday for the Pro Race Series events. Please arrive between 5:15 and 5:30 but no later than 5:30 to get your bikes and your number pinned on.

Keirin - Officials Communique #1

No crossing the track during events from racers or support crew. Warning will be given at start of racing at 3p.m. After that, any rider, or support crew traced back to rider, shall be DQed.

All events will be run under USA Cycling Rules, unless otherwise noted or communicated by the Chief Referee.

Keirin Riders:
Rules have changed in 2017. It is the riders responsibility to understand and know the new rules.

Key changes include:
We will race for 5 laps.

Riders will draw for position on the track.

Upon starting, Riders must fall in behind the derny in their drawn position.

No riders may adjust/change their position for 1 full lap.
The derny will pull off with 2 full laps to go (home straight pursuit line).

All other events:

Riders invited to Keirin may participate in non-Keirin events. However they must pay registration fee to do so.

The Miss-n-Out is a live action event. The rider pulled each lap will be agreed upon by the jury of officials before the call is made. There will be no video review of individual laps.

During any event, riding on any part of the apron to advance position shall result in relegation for that race.

Any needlessly dangerous riding as deemed by officials or promoter shall result in warning for first offense, relegation for second offense and disqualification for the day for third offense.

If you have any questions about the rules prior to or during the event, please do not hesitate to contact Chief Referee, Scott Patton, [email protected]

YCL Cancelled Tonight

Our 6:30 and 7:30 YCL Classes are cancelled because of the pop up storm that just moved over the track.

Temporary Track Closure Friday April 21

Hey'all, we're going to have a temporary 24-hour track closure from tomorrow, April 21st, 7am until Saturday April 22nd, 7am, or when we get there to open the gates, whichever happens first. We are performing some critical repairs and if you ride over those repairs during this time you'll probably mess stuff up. So don't do this. Please.

Pursuit Night Starts Tonight!

Officials Communique #1

Please be on time and register as soon as possible for the correct distance for your category, gender and age. Registering as soon as possible is: before you put your gearing on, change into your kit, warm-up, talk to friends, or forget you didn’t register after the start sheets are printed.

We will be seeding riders per distance. This helps with the timing of events.

Please pay attention to your heat number. Report to your start area one event before your heat. Ex: I’m in heat 9 backside? I should be at backside starting area at the beginning of heat 8!

You may warm up during competition above the blue stayers line. No cheering. No pacing. Please be careful while entering and exiting the track for your fellow competitors and officials. Stay at a safe speed. 15mph

We will be posting the raw results on instagram after each distance change: Front side will be backside will be . Please do not interrupt the officials while timing. Interrupting or trying to see your time increases the probability that mistakes may happen and is disrespectful to the other competitors. Results will be posted before the end of the evening. I promise no one set a world record!


1.5 lap Time Trial: All women, junior men race age 16 and younger, and men over 50 years of racing age.

3 lap Time Trial: Junior men race age 17-18, men, and masters under the age of 50.

6 lap pursuit: Women 15-18, Women 35+, and Men 50+.

9 lap pursuit: Women 19-35, Junior Men race age 15-18, Masters 35+, DLV category B,C,D.

12 lap pursuit: A riders only

Team Events: One event per rider. No aerobars allowed for team sprint.

Womens team sprint 2 riders- 2 laps

Mens team Sprint: 3 riders-3 laps

Womens Team Pursuit 4 women 9 laps time taken on the third rider.

Mens Team Pursuit 4 men 12 laps time taken on the third rider.

Wednesday Night Training Cancelled 4-5-2017

We're canceling track for tonight 4-5 due to the high humidity and debris covering the track slowing down the drying time. With a new line of storms backbuilding to our west it looks like tonight is just not going to work out. We'll see everybody next week!

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