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Outback Omnium Youth Cycling League Photos by Mike Waine

Outback Omnium Main Event Photos by Mike Waine

Outback Omnium Afternoon Session Photos by Mike Waine

Parks Law Need For Speed Sprints Photos by Mike Waine

Outback Bike presents The Omnium Video by Type A Media

Courtesy of James Bridges of Type A Media:

GH4 Velodrome from James Bridges on Vimeo.

The Velodrome Featured in Creative Loafing

"The early mornings bring them to Sumner Park off Headland Drive and Lumpkin Street, right next to the famous Dick Lane Velodrome, which was developed by residents and city officials who came back inspired after visiting the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich.

At the time of its construction in 1974, the Velodrome was one of only two tracks of its kind in the United States, and served as a training facility for cyclists at the 1996 Games. Currently, the track is the second steepest concrete race track in the country and hosts women's training sessions every Tuesday from 5-8:30 p.m. Howard's family frequents the Velodrome for the competition, but stays for the crashes."

Watch Us on GPB's Georgia Traveler

Phil from GPB's Georgia Traveler visited us a little while ago and got on the track to turn a few laps. He's the clip from the show:

Batdorf & Bronson Velodrome Cup Photo's by Trish Albert

Some great photo's of the action from Saturdays Batdorf and Bronson Velodrome Cup, courtesy of Southeastern Cyclings' Trish Albert:

Outback Bikes presents 'The Omnium' Photo's by Trish Albert-Southeasterncycling

Courtesy of Trish Albert / Southeasterncycling:

Outback Bikes presents 'The Omnium' Video by Ian Cramer

Regional Champs Photo's by Lee Goss

Courtesy of Lee Goss Photography, here are some shots from our Regional Championship event from Aug. 13th:

Outback Bikes presents 'The Omnium' Photo's by Chris Kelly

Some great shots of the action by Chris Kelly:

More ThrownBlown Videos from WayPoint Systems presents 'The Keirin'

Alex Farioletti aka ThrownBlown has been hard at work editing the footage from his on board cameras during the keirin races last weekend. Check out more of the video's and some of his other great videos from Hellyer Park Velodrome in San Jose here:

ThrownBlown's Video from WayPoint Systems presents 'The Keirin'

The Wednesday Night Madison Video

Thanks to Chris Kelly for some awesome footage

Madison Night from Chris Kelly on Vimeo.

We Made WABE's Best of 2010

From our piece earlier in 2010 from Ethic Inc, present 'The Keirin' event, we were selected as one of the best of 2010 on WABE's City Cafe segment. A huge thanks to the folks at WABE and Kate Sweeney for making it all happen for us!

Interview with Dick Lane

Huge thanks to Josephine Wicker for conducting this interview with Dick Lane for her history project, and to Lucius Williams for taping the interview and creating the video. Of course thanks to Dick Lane for making the time to be interviewed. This interview is part of our recent efforts to get a better sense of the history of the velodrome, and you can read some more about that here: . Enjoy!

Dick Lane from Lfour on Vimeo.

Thomsen, LTD. presents 'The Madison' Photo's by TwoToneATL

Courtesy of here are some more great shots from 'The Madison':

DLV Madison Weekend

Thomsen, LTD. presents 'The Madison' Photo's by Chris Kelly

Courtesy of Chris Kelly of Faster Mustache here are some great shot from 'The Madison' :

Fox 5 Road Warrior Segments

Stacey Elgin, Fox 5's Road Warrior visited us to talk track cycling and turn a few laps. Velodrome manager "Jerry" Hopkins was there and a good size group of riders joined. Here's the footage:

Extreme Makeover : Velodrome Edition!

Photo's from our 8-28 Workday, with the help of Georgia Tech's MOVE Into the Streets Freshman Day of Service folks.


Photos by Grant Surratt from Beginners Classes

Here is a gallerys of shots taken by Grant Surratt of the recently finished beginners class:

Junior Track Classic Wrap

A great day was had by all for our first ever Junior Track Classic. 28 juniors took to the track in their respective age devision for the afternoon of racing. And the racing was great with some hotly contested races, between the time trials and sprints and the massed start events. Thanks to all of our riders and parents who came out to race, and of course our volunteers for their efforts in the sweltering heat. Here's some podium photo's, and more on flickr:

17-18 Podium 10-12 Podium's Omnium Photo's

Southeastern Cycling Omnium Photos

The Keirin Short Film

Alright folks, getcha popcorn ready, turn up the sound, and relive the action!

THE KEIRIN from Lfour on Vimeo.

More Photo's

Photo's from Ethic, Inc presents 'The Keirin'

Thanks to for some great shots of the races!

More photo's are here:

A Night at the Bicycle Races

We made it onto NPR news!! Here's what they said about us:

It’s national Bike to Work Week, and despite its reputation as a car town, Atlanta is actually a popular destination for pro-cyclists, since it’s home to one of a handful of bicycle racetracks in the country.

Kate Sweeney went to the races at East Point’s Dick Lane Velodrome on a recent Saturday, to find out what makes the place so exciting for cyclists and bike-civilians alike.

Here's the audio:

Here's the page: