Junior/Youth Policy

*To redeem your junior discount on our season passes and beginners class, please enter the discount code “JUNIOR” into our online store.

As part of our growth and evolution here at the velodrome we recognize that an area that we need to support growth and development in is Junior riders. Our Youth Cycling League program has been a great place for kids to start their cycling careers on the velodrome. While we feel that this program has been a success, we recognize that it serves the younger juniors well, but not so much for the older and more experienced juniors.

As a result of this we are implementing a new Junior policy so that there will be a clear pathway for all Juniors who wish to start track cycling. This new policy is mainly aimed at the 14-18 age group and those riders in that age group who are already licensed racers. We’ll also layout the pathway for other aged juniors as well so that you can figure which area you would be suited to a follow that path.


Age 14-18 USCF Licensed Juniors

This is the main group that this policy will be aimed at improving attendence for. Our hope is that at a point in time where we have a large attendance of Juniors that we would be able to create some Junior racing programs to suit this group of riders.

  • Riders must complete the beginners certification class at a 50% discounted rate.
  • Riders will then move into our Tuesday racing program with the D category racers.
  • Once riders demonstrate the skill and ability to be competitive in the C category the riders will move up to the C’s on Wednesday night.
  • Once up to the C’s the riders will follow the normal adult upgrade procedures.
  • Season passes will be available to these Juniors at a 50% discount on the regular rate. Day of race fees will remain the same price as adult fees.
  • Bikes will be available during organized racing and training programs, but riders are expected to turn up early to get bikes out.
  • Several scholarships are available for those riders who can’t afford their training and racing fees. Volunteering and race day requirements will apply for these scholarships. Email us for more info.


Age 8-14 USCF Licensed Juniors

We encourage younger juniors under the age of 14 to attend our Youth Cycling League sessions to gain experience on the velodrome. These sessions are offered completely free for charge for all kids so this is a great cost effective way to learn to ride on the velodrome.


Age 8-16 Unlicensed Juniors

We encourage juniors of this age to come to our Youth Cycling League sessions to learn to ride and race. This is a great place for inexperienced rider to learn how to ride on the velodrome and to learn how to race.


Age 16-18 Unlicensed Juniors

We would encourage Juniors above the age of 16 to attend one of our beginner classes and to follow the same pathway that our Licensed juniors would follow to become track certified and join our adult racing programs.