Saturday November 4th, 2017 at 9AM

Come join us if you can, we appreciate your help!!!!


Bathroom lock cover

Ventilation fan in men’s room


Fix motion light above bike room entryway

Call city about street light on telephone poll by concessions being out

Bike Room: 

Clean out file cabinet


Fix ice machine


Repair apron

Pressure wash turn 4

Trees need to come down

Redo video crossing wire into turn 1



The November Velodrome Workdays is in the books!

If you missed it – don’t worry we will be releasing a December Workday date soon.

A big thank you to the following:
Aaron Freeman
Bill Thomsen
Brian Sullivan
Carleton Hall
Christina Panella
Chuck Hancock
Coby Marsden
David Schwalbach
Gary Morgan
Heather Riniker
Kevin ODonnell
Kim Fuller
Peter Antonvich
Thomas Teichmann
Travis Neumuller
Michael Tharp

Accomplished Tasks for the day include:

  • leaf bagging
  • bathroom lock jamb install
  • ventilation fan for men’s room
  • file cabinet clean out
  • part of turn 4 pressure washed
  • removal of fallen tree parts
  • removal of damaged boards
  • fixing and cleaning of gutters
  • a good start on bike repairs
  • flag rope replacement
  • re-wrapping of turn one cabling
  • re-hanging of turn three cabling
  • trash can cleaning
  • pizza eating