Keirin - Officials Communique #1

No crossing the track during events from racers or support crew. Warning will be given at start of racing at 3p.m. After that, any rider, or support crew traced back to rider, shall be DQed.

All events will be run under USA Cycling Rules, unless otherwise noted or communicated by the Chief Referee.

Keirin Riders:
Rules have changed in 2017. It is the riders responsibility to understand and know the new rules.

Key changes include:
We will race for 5 laps.

Riders will draw for position on the track.

Upon starting, Riders must fall in behind the derny in their drawn position.

No riders may adjust/change their position for 1 full lap.
The derny will pull off with 2 full laps to go (home straight pursuit line).

All other events:

Riders invited to Keirin may participate in non-Keirin events. However they must pay registration fee to do so.

The Miss-n-Out is a live action event. The rider pulled each lap will be agreed upon by the jury of officials before the call is made. There will be no video review of individual laps.

During any event, riding on any part of the apron to advance position shall result in relegation for that race.

Any needlessly dangerous riding as deemed by officials or promoter shall result in warning for first offense, relegation for second offense and disqualification for the day for third offense.

If you have any questions about the rules prior to or during the event, please do not hesitate to contact Chief Referee, Scott Patton, [email protected]