Youth Cycling League Program Updates

Our Youth Cycling League starts next week on Monday. This year we are excited to announce that we will be creating a Advanced sessions for our more accomplished young riders. This speaks volumes about the success of the program the last few years and continuing on with our goal of introducing kids to the sport of track cycling. Please Read our changes carefully below:

Every Monday and Thursday from the time change in March through the end of October (except for Federal holidays) from:
5:30pm till 6:30pm for Beginner's or Young Riders 8-12yo
6:30pm till 7:30 for Intermediate Riders

New For 2017:
On Thursday's only (starting next week) from 7:30 to 8:30 we'll have Advanced Riders identified by YCL Coaches meeting timed criteria (among others) of a 47 second 500 meter TT time. Riders please check your 500 times at our results page or contact Jackie or Rob if you are unsure about which class you should be in.

All riders riding in Advanced YCL will be invited to ride on Pursuit and Sprint Nights on alternating Tuesday's. All other Advanced Class riders ages 14 and up are encouraged to take the Adult Certification Class and begin racing in the adult categories as well. No riders under 14yo are allowed to participate in mass start racing. There will be no Advanced YCL class on Monday's and we ask that these riders not attend unless requested by coaches to be a mentor to the lower classes.

Any riders who move up to Advanced and then don't feel they are ready can then move back down to intermediate class . However, no riders will be able to ride more than one class on the same evening. Coaches take great care to think about physical, emotional and psychological factors in determining what class a rider should participate in. Parents, don't hesitate to have a conversation with coaches about this. Our coaches are former racers, some who were juniors once and also school teachers and program directors with other youth programs. Communication makes sure everyone understands our goals and our best intentions.

We will seek to sort out and clarify which kids should be in which class in the first few weeks.

If you are unsure of which class your child should attend please don't hesitate to contact YCL Head Coach Jackie Crowell [email protected] or Track Director Rob Evans [email protected].