New Monday Night FIT Program

We are starting a new training program for 2011, Monday Night FIT! The FIT training sessions will be taking over the time slot that was previously held by Wayne Whitesides Advanced Training program.

We thank Wayne for his tireless efforts over the years in not just running the advanced training program, but for all of his time and effort in race promotion and getting our velodrome and organization to where it is today.

The FIT stands for Fast Intense Training and the program will be based around just that, plus skills sessions run by Jeff Hopkins. You can find all of the details on the program here: . As mentioned the program is really for anyone wishing to get some intense training, learn some new skills and generally get better at riding and racing on the track.

We are also looking for a couple of folks who are planning to attend the program to help with some on track organization of groups etc. So if you are planning on attending the sessions regularly, are an experienced trackie, and feel like you can coral a few folks and crack the whip a little to help Dave and Jeff run the sessions smoothly, drop Jeff a line, [email protected] .